The fate of the people

"People will faint from terror, apprehensive
Disaster is coming on the world, for the
heavens will be shaken "
(Luke 21:26)

"Then a cry of horror and fled from the fall into the pit;
and who is out of the pit shall be caught in the snare: for windows
celestial heights dissolve and the foundations of the earth
shake "
(Book of Isaiah, 24:18)

        In previous articles, we looked at the biblical description and scientific interpretation of natural catastrophes and disasters, crossing Earth's orbit asteroid meteor shower. This extraordinary event will cause cosmological catastrophic changes in the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere of the Earth, causing widespread geophysical, geological, meteorological and hydrological extreme events, and wildland fire.
What does the Bible say about the future state and the fate of people in these catastrophic circumstances? under adverse and dangerous natural phenomena and processes (NOV, a total of more than 130).

     How does God's promise come true following a crooked and perverse nature of things?
"I will punish the world for the evil and the wicked for their iniquity, and to end vysokoumiyu proud and humbled the pride of the oppressors" (Book of Isaiah). Alas! world, alienated from God because of sin, begets evil, calling for trouble.

1. Physiological disorders

       Biblical prophets (Haggai, Ezekiel, Habakkuk, Joel) argue that on the day the Lord will shake not only earth, but also "all peoples", "all people are upon the earth." Their prophecy is not about short-term loss of stability of a person with tremors, but most of all, the literal continuous shaking (tremor) of the body. Apparently under the influence of low-frequency vibrations of the earth, water and atmosphere.

     Under the influence of these waves propagating for thousands of miles from the center may be adverse changes in the nervous, cardiovascular and osteo-articular system of the person because of resonance. In this case, the resonance of this increase in amplitude of the internal organs because of the coincidence frequency of the oscillations (from 5 to 12 Hz) with the external low-frequency oscillations (1 to 15 Hertz).

      Resonance causes a vibration (thrill) of the heart, lungs, stomach, blurred vision and hearing, pain, cramps, spasms of vessels, increased blood pressure. It is an unusual condition predict the Old Testament prophets, like yourself have experienced it. For example, Isaiah suddenly feels like "my loins filled with flour seized me, as flour is born (new mothers)."

      Jeremiah also feels that "my heart within me is broken, all my bones shake."
      Habakkuk also experienced a similar prophetic state: "my belly trembled ... shook my lips, the pain spread to my bones, but also indicates what it is accompanied by:" and ranges seat beneath me. " On melting heart, trembling knees, severe pain in all loins tells the prophet Nahum.

2. Affective-shock reactions

       Being in such an abnormal physical condition, seeing the destruction of surrounding and acutely conscious of a threat to his life, screaming people cover panic, paralyzing indescribable horror (1).

     Exactly as predicted by Isaiah. "Terror and pit and the snare for thee, inhabitant of the earth (in present-day. Translated," I see a danger and a terrible hole, and everywhere people are placed traps ").
When shake foundations of the earth, says the prophet, "then fled screaming horror fall (fail) in the pit, and who is out of the pit shall be caught in a loop (snare).

    In modern psychiatry is that a person who receives a physical and / or mental trauma, there may be reactive psychosis, ie, temporary psychotic disorder according to the type of instantaneous affective-shock reactions (also hysterical psychoses).

      One of the frequent manifestations of such reactions is a jet psychogenic stupor, which is expressed in loss of ability to stand (astasia) and / or walk (Abaza). In the state-astasia abasia muscles lose their ability to reduce long together, so a person can stand only holding on to the wall. If he had difficulty walking, then shaky, stumbling, limping gait.

      Judging by the signs of reactive psychogenic stupor, a state-astasia abasia from the punishment of God, was repeatedly described in the Bible. For example, the prophet Isaiah. "Grope like the blind wall, and, as no eyes go groping; stumble (and fall) at noon as in the night." From natural disasters, "They whirl and stagger like a drunken man" (Psalms). Heads of the people whose minds the Lord takes away, "they grope in the darkness without light, and stagger like a drunken man" (Book of Job).

     Vegetative and somatic disorders (blood flow, tachycardia, tremor, etc.), often accompanied by affective-shock reactions, the prophets Nahum, Ezekiel, Habakkuk, Isaiah, Daniel, called (in the pre-scientific definitions): "a person broke out, the face darkened, "confusion of faces," "heart flutters", "heart melted," shiver beats me, "My lips quivered," "breath left in me," etc.

3. Generalized stupor

       In the NOV, namely: horrific natural disasters, terrible natural disasters and threatening adverse events, affective-shock reactions can proceed in a more severe form. This form of psychiatrists call generalized psychogenic stupor - a state of severe distress, which is characterized by complete immobility of the person. In other words, the loss of ability to move from a sudden paralysis of the arms and legs, loss (relaxation) of muscle tone.

      Such a reactive psychosis may be collective in nature. For example, Isaiah, warning people about running a destructive force on the day the Lord sees how "all hands be faint, and every man's heart melted (modern translation," faint from fear ").

      Ezekiel also prophesied not only of complete relaxation at the hands of those who survive from the disaster (run in the mountains), but also the paralysis of the legs. "All hands shall be feeble, and every knee shall tremble (or rather," will "), as water" (we say "like wool").

      Generalized stupefaction as psychogenic reaction to physical and / or psychological trauma (dissociative disorders causing motility), begins with the fall. The man suddenly falls, according to the biblical vocabulary, "as if caught by snares," like gin for his leg, "just caught in a net with their feet".
Isaiah foresaw as "full of (more" crowded ") wrath of the Lord" lie at the head of every street, like a helpless gazelle, ranked in the network. Because, after the fall, paralyzed by fear will lie motionless, unable to move hand or foot, when fully functional conservation (!) Musculoskeletal.

      "And the prompt will not force run, and the strong shall not strengthen his force, and the brave will not save their lives," predicts the Old Testament prophet Amos.

       Due to natural disasters, representing a complex set of Noah, heavy reactive psychosis can occur in both stuporoznoy form, and in the form clouded state. As predicted: "And go mad from what will be seen thine eyes" (Deuteronomy). This psychogenic fugiformnaya reaction in the Bible called: "madness", "crazy", "dimming", the "disappearance of wisdom (mind)."

4. Blindness, deafness, muteness

       Strong emotional shock, threats to life, physical injury can cause not only the affective-shock reactions (astasia, Abaza, stupor, clouded state), but also hysterical psychosis, ie, temporary functional neuro-psychiatric disorders. Their symptoms were expressed as loss of vision (Fig. 2), hearing, speech, and stupor of heart.

     For example, over-sympathetic nervous system will lead to spasms of eye blood vessels and temporary hysterical blindness (amaurosis). As written in the Bible. "LORD will smite thee with madness (madness), and blindness and astonishment of heart. And thou shalt grope at noon, groping like a blind man walks in darkness "(Deuteronomy).

      The prophet Zephaniah warns of hysterical blindness, which God will punish all the Lord's day. "And I will bring distress upon men, and they shall walk like blind men." Isaiah and Job as they see this prophecy come true. "Grope for the wall like the blind, and as no eyes, go groping; modern language, struck Amaurosis, in a state-astasia Abaza.
The most common of hysterical psychosis would be deafness, ie, absence (or decrease) the sensitivity of the ears, which in fact can not be. This psychogenic disorder of the sense organs is in the nature of temporary election is not hearing the surround.

     That is why Isaiah calls: "Hear, ye deaf," the psalmist David says: "I like (like) deaf can not hear," predicted by the prophet Micah: "their ears shall be deaf."

     Hearing impairment is often combined (due to laryngospasm) with a reversible loss of sonority of voice, moving to the whispered speech (hysterical aphonia) or complete loss of voice (mutism).

     It is this state of Isaiah predicts: "deaf and thy speech from the dust, and your voice is the voice of a ventriloquist, and feels David:" And I, as a deaf can not hear, and how dumb that is not open his mouth .

5. Death from natural disasters

       Mass physiological disorders, affective-shock reactions, hysterical psychosis will occur in a horrific natural disasters and catastrophic events (natural disasters, especially large scale, with the most severe consequences).

     Such extreme events will come: unparalleled in strength of an earthquake; solid fires, powerful volcanic eruptions and explosions supervolcanoes, combustion air due to being hit by methane, hydrogen sulphide, natural gas, extensive landslides, screes, mudflows, avalanches, strong fluctuations in the level of the seas and oceans , intense ice drift; powerful cyclones, giant tsunamis, monstrous in wind storms, storms, tornadoes, squalls, vertical vortices, very large hail, strong multi-day rain, global flood.

     High-temperature shock wave and continuous fire, blown by a strong wind, the Earth has turned into roaring furnace of fire. "For behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven ... and the people shall be as the burnings of lime (modern translation," people will burn until their bones are not turn into lime "), as thorns cut up shall they be burned in the fire" (Malachi and Isaiah).

      Fire (burns), smoke (suffocation), sulfur (sulfur-containing poison gases), volcanic eruptions, will die a third (!), The world's population. As in the vision of John: "I saw so ... By these three plagues of fire, smoke and sulfur coming out of their mouths was the third part of men." In particular, two-thirds of the people of Israel: "Two parts therein shall be cut off and die, and the third shall be left therein" (Book of Zechariah).

       As a result of the great earthquake (Fig. 3) only one (deserted) town of Jerusalem will die, according to John, 7, 000. But shall destroy all (!) The city and people.

    Escape from the city, on the eve of catastrophe, does not guarantee the preservation of life, since, according to the prophecies of Isaiah, the earthquake people fall through the pits, ditches, cracks.

    Even harder to avoid death from giant megatsunami and global flooding. That is why many people drown in the days of Noah - this prevents Jesus Christ.

     According to the prophets Zephaniah, Hosea, Isaiah, everything will be wiped from the face of the earth: people, animals (cattle), poultry and fish. Shake off the Earth all living in it.

6. Death from disease and starvation

      As a result of cosmic catastrophe, the atmosphere will be thrown a tremendous amount of fine and coarse aerosols. The air becomes unfit for breathing because of the toxic nitrogen compounds, carbon and hydrogen (methyl cyanide, hydrogen cyanide, dicyano, etc.). And as the dust falling like rain from the sky, as predicted.

     "Rather than rain Lord give thy land powder and dust: from heaven shall come down upon thee, until thou be destroyed" (Deuteronomy). This dust will contain a very small sharp particles, which are getting into the lungs, causing illness and death (extermination).

     Cause of death among survivors of natural disasters will also poisonous water (due to sulfuric and nitric acids, sea salt), water, dark red, like blood Dead. Indeed, John saw how, after the fall of a large star on the third of the rivers and springs of water, "many people died from the waters, because they were made ​​bitter."

    Poor-quality drinking water, rotting corpses of humans and animals, dead inhabitants of rivers, lakes, seas and oceans, the mass reproduction of insects will form the cause of many diseases and infectious diseases, including epidemics (dysentery, cholera, typhoid, plague, etc.).

      The Old Testament prophets predicted this state of people: oblyseyut men and women, festered wounds, ulcers useyutsya the body become inflamed loins; vzduetsya festering sores and the skin will burst, it turn black, stick to the bones, inflamed eyes, tongue wither, rot body. John says that from a violent death, famine, wild animals and epidemics (in the King James translation, "pestilence"), I will die a quarter (!) Part of the world's population.

      On that day, say the surviving people: "Is it because I caught up with these evils that God is not among us?" (Deuteronomy).

7. Drought

      After the end of 40-daily rainfall on the planet comes a global drought, because of the low transparency of the air dramatically reduce the intensity of water evaporation from the surface of the oceans. Rather than rain or snow on the ground 3,5 years will fall ashes from the sky, and trees and bushes that do not destroy the fire, in the words of the prophet Joel, will dry up (Fig. 4).   

      That sows the survivor, then istleet, but that will rise, then ischahnet. The Great Famine, as in the days of the prophet, strike darkened planet. Instead of bread, meat and milk, quinoa, sagebrush and bitter water of gall to food of man.

     For it was filled with the iniquity of this generation, the people of Earth have gathered themselves wrath on the day of wrath and revelation of the just verdict of God "(Romans). And do not save it from what should take place, observers of heaven, nor the stargazers, prognosticators, no.

     Forty-two months from the beginning catastrophe, die so many people that the Bible predicts the end of this generation, because the living will remain very few inhabitants of the earth. With the death of modern civilization will disappear and all the abominations of it.

День Господень