Will there be the end of the world?

The subject of the end of the world, which means the demise of the familiar world (the death of civilization, the destruction of the human species) for many years hasn’t come down from the pages of books, magazines, newspapers, cinema and TV screens, and currently also from the web pages of different forums. Over the past two centuries, astrologers, fortune teller, scientists and religious people predicted a large number of dates of the end of the world, the most famous of them are: 1833 and 1844, also the years 1900, 1914, 1943, 1988, and 1999-2001.

How will it happen?

The Bible is indicated not only the cause of the approaching end of the world, which in the Old Testament called the Lord's day ", but also predicted the main tragic consequences of the global natural disaster with a cascade mechanism for the development. This information is fragmentary found in many biblical books that are grouped into one of New Testament eschatological book of "Revelation".

The fate of the people

In previous articles, we looked at the biblical description and scientific interpretation of natural catastrophes and disasters, crossing Earth's orbit asteroid meteor shower. This extraordinary event will cause cosmological catastrophic changes in the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere of the Earth, causing widespread geophysical, geological, meteorological and hydrological extreme events, and wildland fire.

When the end comes?

So, the question: "Will the end of the world?", Ie the death of civilization, the most likely answer: "Yes." Because it has become meaningless existence of evil, adulterous and wrong kind of things, when, for example, even multimillion-dollar national cervical cancer are allowed to "marriage" same-sex couples.

How to prepare for the end of the World

In anticipation of a global catastrophe, the consequences of which can not be avoided, no country and no people on the planet, you need to take some action to save his family, as did Noah. 
The acquisition of skills in first aid courses field medicine, relocation and construction of shelters to possess experience of agriculture and food supplies.

День Господень