How will it happen?

"There will come the same day of the Lord as a thief in the night, and then the heavens
noise to pass, the elements will be flushed, destroyed,
earth and the works it will burn "
(Second Epistle of Peter 3:10)

"... And there followed hail and fire mixed with blood, and fell
to the ground ... and as though a great mountain burning with fire,
cast into the sea ... and there fell a great star from heaven,
burning like a torch "
(Revelation ,8:7-10)

       The Bible is indicated not only the cause of the approaching end of the world, which in the Old Testament called the Lord's day ", but also predicted the main tragic consequences of the global natural disaster with a cascade mechanism for the development. This information is fragmentary found in many biblical books that are grouped into one of New Testament eschatological book of "Revelation".

      Consider the steps and cosmogenic implications of this extraordinary event - the collision of our planet from asteroid and meteor showers. We consider in the context of the ancient biblical prophecies, checking them with the help of modern scientific knowledge.

1. Mikrometeornyh Falling bodies

       As a result of crossing Earth's orbit meteoroid swarm (hordes of Gog) asteroidal origin, first, the atmosphere will break peripheral tiny space particles - micrometeors (approximate dimensions of 1 to 500 microns, the mass of 0.0001 - 1 mg). When confronted, at high speed (an average of 10-30 km / sec), with the gas molecules, meteoroids equilibrated rapidly and completely "burn" (more precisely, the sublime, that is instantly evaporate) at a height of 130 - 80 km from the surface planet.

       In the night sky any meteor flash - narrow bright streaks in the flight of meteors caused by emission from hot gas evaporating particles. When the number of meteor bursts over 10 thousand per hour in the night sky there clearly visible radiant meteor stream (Fig. 1).

      Radiant is a region (point) from which, because of the perspective effect, as would come all the visible traces back or continue burning space bodies (in fact, moving along parallel tracks).
      In the old days, an unusual phenomenon (at a meeting of the Earth with dust from the long-decayed comets) called "falling stars" or "Star Rain", while the radiant - the sign (sign) from the sky, all sorts of foreboding misfortune (eg, end of the world).

      The origins of such beliefs are in the words of Jesus: "the stars will fall from the sky, and the (body) of heaven will be shaken (to come into motion). And then shall appear the sign (the sign) of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth ... "(Gospel of Matthew and Mark).

      John the Evangelist same token sees the future, as has already come true. "And the stars of heaven fell to the ground." The Old Testament prophet Isaiah also predicted that the day of wrath of God "istleet all the heavenly host (stars), and the heavens rolled together as a scroll: and all their host shall fall."

2. The fall of meteorites

        A few days later cosmic dust that intersects the Earth's orbit, supplemented by meteorites - meteoroid mass, usually from a gram to 10 kg (one meteorite has, approximately, to 40,000 micrometeors). The surface of the meteorite during braking Earth's atmosphere, heated to 3000 oC. They lose about 90% of its mass due to ablation (ablation of matter from the surface flow of hot gas), but reach the surface of the planet, managing to cool down.

     A very large meteorite in the form of a fireball with a long bright tail of glowing gas and break up sparks called fireballs (Greek "javelin", 2). As to the research period, it was race cars were taken for fire-breathing dragon-tailed, flying through the sky.

       In the Bible, are called meteorites: hailstones, hot coals, burning sulfur, fireballs - arrows and spears of God, fire, devouring, Flame, chariots, big stars, a lamp (torch).
     For example, in one of the prophetic paintings, John saw a "fall from heaven a great star, blazing like a torch (a modern translation," Torch "), and fell upon the third part of the rivers and fountains of waters."

     Here the "big star" prophet calls the car, burning like a torch and lighting the area for hundreds of miles of bright flashing light. Such an exact comparison is not accidental, since it is an ancient torch in the wind or the motion, leaving behind a tail of smoke and sparks, as well as giving a flashing light.

      Next, John says something incredible: a single celestial body (star) falls on a huge surface area. But it is his vision is true, because aerodynamic forces car (weighing up to 1 tonne) are often destroyed even in the Earth's atmosphere (at altitudes from 80 km to 20 km) and many smaller meteorites from the delay falls on a large area in the form of an ellipse .

3. Asteroid Attack

       John also saw: "as though a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea." The fall of a burning mountain in the world ocean, accompanied by great thunder (acoustic shock) will cause a global earthquake and great noise (explosion) occurs powerful hurricane with a strong whirlwind, and the continuous flame, devouring all around, as the prophet Isaiah foresaw more 2,700 years ago.

     "The Lord of hosts will visit you (Masor," The Lord will be punished Tsevaota) thunder and earthquake and great noise ("Noise great"), storm (hurricane) and tempest, and the flame of devouring fire "(Is.29: 6).

       Indeed, in the active phase of cosmic bombardment on the ground will fall not only hailstones (meteorites) and throwing spears (fireballs), but also a very large bodies - asteroids (the so-called "minor planets"). Unlike micrometeors and meteorites t Which body (over 1 000 tonnes) of Earth's atmosphere almost retarded, at best, break up into large pieces.

      Equivalent diameters of small planets comprise: from a few meters to 10 kilometers, weight - several tons to 1 trillion tons of speed from 5 000 to 30 000 m / sec, and the amount of energy released in the lesion focus is enormous - up to 5 x 10 ^ J. 23 (or 120 million megatons of TNT).
Therefore, the consequences will be horrific collision with the Earth, both the immediate, an even greater extent, provoked. They will cover all third-class NOAH (adverse and dangerous natural phenomena and processes): atmospheric, hydrospheric and lithosphere.

      For example, at the asteroid with a diameter of 2 km to 10 km formed a huge fireball with a temperature in the center of several million degrees (in this case, the very outer body evaporates). Fireball rising up (surfacing) to a height of 10 to 100 km and expands, will involve a zone of suction (under it) a lot of substance.

    In the explosion, there will also a powerful shock wave, ie narrow transition region (the so-called "front"), in which there is a sharp increase in density, pressure and temperature of matter (gas and rock dust). The shock front spreads out in all directions at speeds exceeding the speed sound (330 m / sec in air) and even a bullet (about 1,000 m / sec).

4. The consequences of falling asteroids

      The diameter of the zone of total destruction due to the two-kilometer asteroid collision with Earth is approximately 500 km. Area covering about 4 million km2 will cover earthquakes, hurricanes, floods. On an area of 800 x 800 km wind speed can reach 500 kilometers per hour, and the region of continuous fire covered an area of approximately 200 x 200 km (Fig. 3).

      Asteroid collision with the surface of the land will lead to evaporation, melting, crushing, and emissions into the atmosphere of hundreds and thousands of cubic kilometers of material (approximately 100 000 t / M), which then will be back in the form of large fragments of rocks, stones, sand and dust.

    For example, a collision with Earth asteroid with a diameter of 10 km would lead to the release of 1,500 km3 to 10,000 km3 of material, including from 300 to 2000 billion tons of fine dust (0,6 - 4 kg per 1 m2 of the Earth's surface).

     In the land of any "star wound" in diameter up to 200 km depth of several kilometers (initial depth of the crater from an asteroid 10 km 15-20 km). Such a monstrous deep mine from falling stars from heaven to earth, John the Theologian calls fount (wells) of the abyss.

      Release of the same column of impact hot gases and fine dust, he refers to as the smoke from the treasure, "as of a great furnace." From the tremendous amounts of dust, ash, soot and other aerosol coarse particles slowly settling in for several years, dim the sun and darken the sky. According to the prophet, a third (!) Faint light from the sun, moon and stars.

     This significant decrease in incoming solar energy to earth would cause severe cold spell (but the "nuclear winter" would not be due to the greenhouse effect), as well as a multi-year drought, which many predict the Old Testament prophets (Zechariah, Joel, Isaiah, etc.).

       No less than a year, interrupted the process of photosynthesis and the field will bring not matured grain, and fruit trees do not give the ovary (the eschatological prophecies of Hosea, Habakkuk, Joel). Undergo changes in Earth's magnetic field.

4.1. Global earthquake

         Another devastating consequence of the fall of a large asteroid with a diameter of 2 to 10 km (power of the explosion from 100 thousand to 100 million megaton nuclear bombs) will be a geophysical extraordinary event - an earthquake of global (!) Scale. Namely, the unprecedented strength of the seismic shock of maximum magnitude (9 or more on the Richter scale) and maximum intensity of the manifestations (XII stars on a scale MSK-64).
This seysmotolchok lead to shifts in the continental scale: intense movements (motions) lithosphere (tectonic) plate (platform), sliding on the asthenosphere - a partially molten layer of Earth's upper mantle. Along the boundary of contact platforms emerge numerous tectonic discontinuities (faults) of a thousand miles. Seysmotolchok cause a series of local earthquakes, which will cover the entire planet.

      This monstrous, to devastating consequences, and an all-time e, the strength, the eschatological earthquake sees John: "And a great earthquake, such as never was since then, as people on earth. Such an earthquake! So great! ".

     Catastrophic earthquake on the day of fierce anger of God also predict the Old Testament prophets: Isaiah, Joel, Ezekiel. For example, Isaiah sees the earth is moved, it wobbles like a drunken man; opens up and breaks. The men, with a cry of horror, fall into these gaps and cracks like a hunting trap.

      Land is not only a quake, but, according to Isaiah and Amos, begins to oscillate, ie, swing, if the cradle, like a river wave, the earth will rise and fall. Then take off the air stones, boulders, jump out of the ground.

     Seismic wave-like oscillation of the continental and oceanic crust (with a wave height of 10 m) will move from their places of islands and mountains, the destruction of all cities on the planet as it sees John.

      Drop all the high and exalted all low, melt the mountains and hills in the land of any fracture (Book of Isaiah). Also vosshumit (roar) and troubled (razbushuetsya) sea (Luke) because of the unprecedented height and strength of gravitational waves of the sea in a terrible roar impinging on the land.

4.2. Megatsunami

       According to John's vision, large asteroids fall not only on land but also the world's oceans, causing a catastrophe even greater proportions. Since a large asteroid collision with the water surface will allow it to penetrate deeper into the hydrosphere, as compared with the geosphere (due to lower density of water).

      Therefore, when hitting the bottom, the destruction will occur at great depth, due to the explosive growth of pressure (up to several GPa) and temperature (hundreds of thousands of degrees). In the atmosphere would be thrown away thousands of cubic kilometers: from the bottom of rocks, water, steam. The water will evaporate in a region of diameter 100 - 500 km; die every living at a distance of hundreds or thousands of kilometers from the epicenter (due to the hydrodynamic shock waves and high water temperature).

      Specifically, such a fall and large-scale asteroid impacts sees John: "as though a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea ... and was the third part of the living creatures in the sea, and a third of the ships were destroyed."
Clash of the mountain burned with fire with the water surface will necessarily lead to the Sea hydrological extreme event-splash to a height of 4,000 m (from an asteroid with a diameter 1 km). On the high seas (oceans), with speeds of up to 1,000 miles per hour, will disperse the gravitational waves (tsunami), height 20 - 40 m in length, probably between 150 and 300 km (as in submarine earthquakes).

      In the shallow shelf velocity megatsunami because inhibition starts to fall, and height - to grow. Then, on the coast would affect the wave height from 300 to 1,000 meters, moving into the continent with a speed of 50 km per hour, sweeping away everything in its path many kilometers, cutting through the earth flows (Fig. 4).

     According to geophysicist, a giant wave, caused by falling into the North Atlantic asteroid with a diameter of 5 km, will cover almost all of Europe. The same fate awaits the east coast of the United States, and if the outer body of this size fall into the Pacific Ocean - the west coast, especially its northern part, next to which is the boundary of contact between two tectonic plates. The greatest loss of life, according to computer simulations, are expected as China, Indonesia, India, Japan.

    However, several megatsunami caused by falling asteroids in the sea or on land, it is not the end of a natural disaster hydrospheric. Triggered by underwater earthquakes (with magnitude over 6), surface large landslides (eg, the western slope of the volcano Cumbre Vieja in the Canary Islands) and underwater landslides, volcanic eruptions of underwater volcanoes, tectonic deformation (breaks) the ocean floor, and local variations in atmospheric pressure will cause a lot of the tsunami (in all major water bodies), which will lay almost the entire planet.

4.3. Boiling and burning of the oceans

       Powerful thermal explosions of large cosmic bodies that have fallen into the oceans, as well as numerous eruptions of underwater volcanoes will form the reasons boil sea water in their respective foci (diameter up to 500 km) and its intense heat outside the immediate areas of impact damage or volcanic activity.

     In addition, the tectonic deformation of the ocean floor, namely seysmorazryvy (up to 1,000 km) will lead to water penetration to the Earth's mantle (its temperature is about 2,500 °C). The water heats up and, surfacing, boil because of reduced pressure.

     By these reasons, there will be considerable rise in temperature of the oceans and seas. But the temperature increase near-bottom seawater, even a few degrees will cause a landslide irreversible decomposition of hydrates frozen soil of the ocean floor.

    Freed up huge amounts of gases (mostly methane and hydrogen sulfide), the world reserves of which (hydrates) are estimated at (0.1 - 2) x 10 ^ 16 m3. These gases, samookislyayas will burn on the surface of the oceans and seas:

     1) in the foci of asteroid strikes and volcanic eruptions;
     2) along the tectonic seysmorazryvov;
     3) in the field of large earthquakes and landslides, raising the deposits of gas hydrates in the warmer bottom layers of sea water.

       Does anything in the Bible about such striking an incredible phenomenon of boiling and burning of the hydrosphere? indicate whether the cause of these amazing unique event?

      Yes, for example, already mentioned Leviathan of Job, "boils the abyss (sea depths) as a boiler, and the sea, translates (converts) to the boiling cream" (or rather, "the boiling broth).

      Moreover, the leviathan of Job has another striking property: "reserves the glowing path (obviously, the burning gas over long seysmorazryvami bottom) the deep (ie oceans) seems to be white hair (now translated," white with foam ")".

      Also, the prophet Amos was open vision of evaporation fire a huge amount of sea water: "Behold the Lord God made ​​(called) to contend by fire - and he devoured (burned), the great deep ...". In fact, as a result of cosmic catastrophe, oceans to evaporate, but its level is significantly lowered (by a few meters away!).

4.4. Volcanic eruptions

         Moving lithospheric plates, caused by seismic shocks in a collision with our planet's largest asteroid, would lead to extreme geophysical events. Not only in widespread earthquakes, but after a few hours, wake up thousands of dormant volcanoes (there are about 3 500) and supervolcanoes (about 15) located along the boundaries of 7-and large tectonic plate and the 12-and small.

      Probably, the vision of one of these major volcanic eruptions, after the fall of the "stars" from the sky, was discovered John the Theologian. He argues that by "Fire", "Smoke" and "sulfur" die in three (!) Inhabitants of the earth.

        Indeed, the clouds zoomorphic, anthropomorphic locusts, described by John, very similar to the products of volcanic emissions (Fig. 5). They consist of hot gases (sulfur oxides, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gas, hydrogen sulfide, etc.) and tephra (ash, lapilli, volcanic bombs) that are thrown to the side or, more rarely, up, and then dumped at the foot of the mountain.

       Edge of scorching volcanic clouds (the so-called pyroclastic flows or avalanches with a temperature of 1,000 - 1,500 °C), moving at speeds up to 120 km per hour, burn all around the volcano at a distance of tens or hundreds of kilometers. People really do not die from the lava, but from the "Fire" (Burns), "Smoke" (choking dust and gas) and sulfur (sulfur-containing poison gases).

      Part of the sulfur oxides contained in the emissions of volcanic gases, are oxidized in air and oxygen, interacting with water vapor to form sulfuric acid, which, together with water drops, rain poured on the ground. 

      Volcanic ash that is emitted to a height of 20 - 40 km drastically reduces the transparency of the atmosphere, causing a decrease in air temperature. Then, due to coagulation, increasing the mass of aerosol particles and they fall to the ground, covering it with a layer thickness of several meters. So, after the eruption of Katmai in Alaska in 1912, and the thickness of the tephra was 3 meters at a distance of 160 km from the crater.

4.5. Explosions supervolcanoes

        Heavy Duty supervolcanoes (a total of 47, but only about 15 are not sleeping), which does not erupt and explode, in this case, triggered by seismic shocks from the asteroid, pose a particular danger. For example, after an explosion at a super-volcano Toba. Sumatra, the sun was closed by dust within 6 months, and the local air temperature decreased to 11°С. 

       On the amount of emitted energy supervolcanoes thousands of times higher than the most powerful volcanic eruptions or explosions of conventional (10 ^ 19 - 10 ^ 20 J), such as Tambora (Fr. Sumbar in Indonesia, 1815) and Krakatoa (between about. Java and. Sumatra, 1883). The largest supervolcano in Yellowstone Park (USA). Its huge caldera (basin, approximately 80 x 50 km) can only be viewed from an airplane or take pictures from space.

       An earthquake-explosion of the super-will be felt everywhere, causing the eruption of a large number (usually dormant) volcanoes, in particular, the ocean, generating powerful destructive tsunami.

       Supervolcanoes threaten the lives of the vast territory (eg, Yellowstone - all over the U.S. West Coast). Moreover, not only at a few of the monstrous power of explosions, a global earthquake, the movement of lava and pyroclastic flows high, containing hydrogen sulfide, but also a long time after the accident.

      After a supervolcano can throw into the atmosphere (at altitudes of 30-40 km and more) up to 2,500 cubic kilometers (!) Of the substance. For comparison, Tambora volcano threw about 150 km 3 at 20 km (killing about 100,000 people), Krakatau - 20 km3 at a height of 30 km (36,000 dead).
These emissions contain up to 100 km3 smallest glassy dust that for many months hanging in the air. Such dust from acute solid micro-and nanoparticles, getting into the lungs and circulatory system, human or animal, leads to severe illness and death.

      After the explosions, supervolcanoes, a vast area of acid rain will destroy vegetation and thick ash falls zasyplyut ground with a thick layer of pumice, ground into dust, for many months darkened light from the sun, a few years of cooling will reign on earth. For example, the explosions of the volcano Yellowstone (may last several days), according to scientists, zasyplyut U.S. territory a layer of dispersed particles of a thickness of about 1 meter, and will reduce the temperature of the troposphere, on average, a 21 oz. Ts and the deaths of more than 2 billion people.

4.6. Fires

      Massive cosmic collision of bodies with the Earth, volcanic eruptions, explosions supervolcanoes cause extensive large-scale fires, which for a few days will cover almost the entire planet. Just like in the prophecy of Zephaniah: "For the fire of jealousy (resentment) My devoured (destroyed) will be the whole earth."

      The prophet Malachi calls this time "a day, burning like an oven." Giant wave emitted into the atmosphere millions of tons of soot, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides. The latter are oxidized by oxygen, and interacting with water vapor and hydroxyl radicals, to form pairs of nitric acid, which condenses, and rain will fall to the ground.

       Joel also spoke about the great and terrible day of Jehovah, and numerous his host. "Before him devouring fire, followed by firing the flame in front of him the land as a garden of Eden, and behind it a desolate wilderness, and no one will escape from him."

      That is why John the Evangelist sees after falling from the sky censers filled with fire, burned all the grass and the third part of trees. Joel also foresaw how the Lord's day, in his country, a fire destroyed the pastures and consume all the trees in the field.

      However, according to the Bible, the blaze will not just grass and trees, but even that ... can not burn! For example, Isaiah predicts these fires, from which light up the river and the land itself. "And the river will turn it into a tar and dust (dust) in its sulfur, and the land thereof shall become burning pitch (gray), and the mountains will burn like a bush.

       It will happen, including due to the fiery atmospheric vortices (tornadoes, tornado) with a diameter of 1-3 km to several tens of kilometers, the rate of displacement of 30-70 km / h and a height of 3 km to 10 km (the height of the continuous sea of fire 50 meters or more). They occur in fires in areas with high concentrations of combustible materials (including the liberated methane, hydrogen sulphide, natural gas), the explosions supervolcanoes, specific eruptions ordinary volcanoes.

       Because of the high temperature firestorm (up to 800 gr. Ts), burn anything that can burn inside the vortex, or absorbed into it; melt aluminum construction, and steel will become plastic and deform. At a speed exceeding 70 km / h, vertical fire whirl into a firestorm, that is, slanted or horizontal edge of fire, smoke and hot gases moving in the direction of the wind speeds up to 200 km / h .

       The prophet Amos saw the firestorm burned and the great deep (sea depths), "devoured (burned) and part of the earth."
In the New Testament about the eschatological fire, parables, Jesus Christ said. "Therefore, just as collect (pull) the tares (weeds) and burned in the fire, so be at the end the century (end of the world) this world" (Matthew).

        His disciple and apostle Peter says: from the destroyed space bodies will burn all the land, together with everything on it. "There will come the same day of the Lord as a thief (thief) at night, and then the heavens with noise (rumble) will pass away (go away), and the elements same (Celestial Bodies), flushed, the earth and the works that are therein shall be burned "

4.7. Hurricanes and whirlwinds

         Widespread fires will move rapidly in the roar and rumble, spurred by hurricanes of unprecedented destructive power, and wind speed (from 120 to 500 kilometers per hour). The Hurricanes (typhoons), storm (wind speed 60-100 km / hour) and tornadoes (speed up 1,300 km / h) arise due to rain and tropical cyclones (low pressure area in the atmosphere), especially central.

       Cyclones will form over the oceans due to formation of large areas with very high   temperature of the water surface, over which rise the huge mass of hot humid air, rotating in a spiral (Fig. 6, left, in the corner).

      These local zones with a diameter of 3,000 km to 10,000 km, occur in areas falling asteroids, tectonic faults on the ocean floor and the existing undersea volcanoes in the field of combustion of methane and hydrogen sulfide.

      The main source of kinetic energy of hurricanes will be the latent heat of condensation avalanche of supercooled water vapor moist air rising into the upper (cold) atmosphere. Accordingly, there will be a sharp decrease in local pressure, causing extensive powerful upward (warm) and descending (cold) air flows.

        In one of the psalms of Asaph prophesying about since the last time. "Cometh our God and not keep silence: before him, a devouring fire, and around a big storm." In another psalm, David points to the cause of the fire devouring and scorching wind - the rain of meteoroids, referred to as "burning coals, fire and brimstone."

      Describing the visit Lord of the earth, the prophet Isaiah speaks of thunder, an earthquake, the flame of devouring fire, and the whirlwind and storm, which also predict that Jeremiah and Nahum.

      With such a strong wind, like a whirlwind, tornado, tornadoes, the air mass moved not only steadily (at a speed of 20-60 km / hour, in some cases, up to 200 km / h), but revolve around a kind of invisible line.
Funnel (trunk) of the vortex (Fig. 6, center) in diameter in the lower section (ie above ground) up to several kilometers, consists of a 2-laminar flows. Internal, rising upwards at a speed of 300 km per hour, and external (air, water, hail, sand, stones, rubble, etc.), rotating in a spiral with a speed of 100 -600 km / h (according to some estimates, up to 1,300 km / h for the highest category tornado F 5).

      Vertical normal and fire whirlwinds will cover a smaller area than hurricanes or storms, however, produce more horrific destruction. After all, even the average energy of even a tornado (rotation speed 250 km / h, the diameter of the trunk 2 km) is comparable with the energy that is released during the explosion of an atomic bomb reference.

4.8. The disappearance of the sky

       The Bible predicts not only the meteorological extreme events of the day of the Lord, as severe storms, tornadoes, squall lines and vertical eddies, but something incredible, namely, the disappearance of the sky!

      For example, Isaiah says: "And istleet (melt), all the heavenly host (stars), and the heavens rolled together as a scroll: and all the host (stars) they will fall ...".

      But John sees this event, as already come true. "And the stars of heaven fell to the ground ... and the heaven svivshis (modern translation," split and curdled ") as a scroll." Same predicts Peter: "the heavens with noise (rumble) will pass away (go away)." But would such a principle, perhaps? is not there a mistake?

      In order to properly answer these questions, let us note the following. All three prophecies about the disappearance of the heavens, by their collapse, associated with the fall of the "stars" (Isaiah, John), ie meteors, or "the destruction of the Elements (Peter), ie Destruction and decline of large celestial bodies.

      Such a fall of a massive celestial body in the oceans will lead to the formation of a global vortex, hitting all the nations. It warns about the prophet Jeremiah: "Behold, evil shall go forth from nation to nation, and a great whirlwind shall be raised up from the edges of the earth ... Here, furious whirlwind (modern translation," tornado ") comes from the Lord."

      This tornado will roll heaven, like a scroll. After such a vortex sky "pass away", as it disappears familiar blue color, caused by molecular scattering short (0,38 - 0,52 m) of the spectrum of sunlight.

       Now, the sky turns red because of the aerosol light scattering by particles (ash, impact, sulfur and nitrogen-oxygen-hydrogen compounds) submicron fraction, larger than the size of condensations of gas molecules, but smaller than the incident red light (0.76 microns).
Due to changes in the optical properties of the Earth's atmosphere, with red and will look any cosmic bodies: the moon and sun in the vision of Isaiah, the moon, the big dragon in the sky and scarlet beast in John's vision.

4.9. Flooding

       The eruption of thousands of underwater and surface volcanic explosions supervolcanoes, falling asteroids in the oceans, evaporation and boiling seawater entrainment of water by powerful eddies moisture strongly heated the atmosphere has increased more than 100 times.

      Therefore, when the Earth's atmosphere begins to cool by radiation of heat into space, will increase the relative humidity (to a dew point), there will be condensation (condensation) of water vapor and begin widespread continuous hot acid rain (ph> 1,5) the color of blood.

      Hot - because of high condensation temperature (about 50oC), the red - because of the resulting iron oxides, which is located in meteorites in the free state; acidic - due mainly sulfur and nitrogen oxides. They serve as sources: volcanic emissions, combustion of hydrogen sulfide, explosions in the fall of meteoroids, and fires.

      Part of the oxides react with water vapor to form sulfuric and nitric acids, which hit land hamper (with the dust of the atmosphere) fotositeza process and lead to damage to the respiratory systems of organisms, poisoning the drinking water, poor soil fertility.

     According to biblical history, the global potoplyayuschy all the rain and in pitch darkness, will last probably 40 days (!), Ie as long as it will cool the atmosphere. Such a long duration of rain due to the continuous condensation accompanying decrease in atmospheric temperature. Because, in spite of the constant reduction of the moisture content of air, all this time he will be able to fully saturated with water vapor.

      That is why the prophet Ezekiel, describing the last days of the court, along with hailstones, fire, gray mentions "vsepotoplyayuschy rain." Isaiah speaks of the flood gate that will open up in the sky, when the foundations of the earth shake. Vsepotoplyayuschy rain he calls a "flood" (in present-day. Translation, "great rain"), listing the other cars of the Lord: intense anger, flames devouring fire, storm, hailstones.
John the Evangelist is a hydrological extreme event (flood) sees as a stream of blood-red water height of about 1,5 m, a length of approximately 300 km.

       Mnogosutochny rain will further increase the water level, which remains in many places, after the invasion megatsunami, unprecedented in intensity and volume of water, inundating the land. Therefore, Jesus Christ, warning about the last days, compares the global flood in time of Noah. "And as it was in the days of Noah, so will the days of the Son of man ... the flood came and destroyed them all" (Luke).

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