Gog of the Land Magog

"Son of man, Turn thy face against Gog,
in the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal,
and prophesy against him ... "
(Iez.38: 2)

"Because the world that then was, being overflowed with water.
But the heavens and the earth ... reserved unto fire against the day
judgment and perdition of ungodly men "
(2Pet.3 6, 7)

1. End of the world predictions 

At the end of the twentieth century there were many publications, predicted the destruction of civilization in 1999, 2000 or 2001. Scenario, the destruction of humanity imagination: thermonuclear world war, the invasion of aliens, Earth's collision with a comet, the sun or the explosion of a supernova, weight shift or reverse rotation of the Earth, and more. In this case, the authors of publications referring to a belief of modern scientists or parapsychologists (fortune-tellers, astrologers, clairvoyants), scooped the "revelations" of the ancient esoteric sources (mystical teachings and magical books), cast a horoscope. 
Most reputable forecasters have used all three methods, certainly including their own interpretation of quatrains medieval doctor and astrologer Michel Nostradamus [L.1]. Very often quoted quatrain 72 of the 10 th Centuries of global catastrophe in August 1999, which did not happen.
More articles about the end of the world, particularly the Internet, has appeared in the twenty-first century. In practice, one does not pass, a few years before that, some false prophet would have predicted the death of mankind (from 2008 to 2020 is expected to at least 12 of these "end of the world").
However, for Christians, the most authoritative source of knowledge is God-given humanity book - the Bible. Indeed, over time, with remarkable accuracy biblical prophecies come true and a new incomprehensible in His essence ushers us.
"Behold, the former came to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you" (Is.42: 9). "Surely the Lord God does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets" (Am.3 : 7).

2. The death of this world

What information is contained in the Bible about the last time, end of the world, the second coming of Christ? First, there is no biblical reason to believe the end of one century (Millennium) or the beginning of another end of the world.
Second, Jesus said, "But of that day and hour no one knows" (Mk.13: 32). Third, what will happen the day of Christ, the Scriptures set out in fragments. God, in His wisdom, has not given sequence related in space and time, pictures of the day.
Complicates the understanding of events as allegorical language of the prophetic books (especially the Book "Revelation"). For these reasons, there are a variety of erroneous version of the death of the world, contrary to biblical eschatology (the study of end times), the principles of exegesis (interpretation of biblical texts), scientific data.
Among contemporary Christian eschatological hypotheses translated into Russian interest to the authors [L.2-7], as well as interpretation of the book "Revelation" [L. 8-19, 32]. From these studies it follows that Jesus Christ is coming:
1) after the (church) and the end of the millennium, according postmillenaristy;
2) prior to the meeting (opinion premillenaristov);
3) during an existing one kingdom, but not literal, and the invisible spiritual reality of indefinite duration (approach amillenaristov).
In this case, the second coming (some authors consider that there will be two or three) and the rapture of the church will take place:
1) before the great tribulation;
2) after completion;
3) in the middle velikoskorbnyh days.
Before the coming of the Antichrist (the beast from the sea), which will:
1) super-human;
2) demon;
3) Pope;
4) the collective evil spirit or ideology.
The abundance of different opinions, hypotheses and interpretations, only a very small portion of which are [L.2-19, 32], indicates the absence of a coherent perspective on recent events, even in Christian authors.
Let's try to figure these complex issues, relying on the Bible, bringing modern scientific knowledge.

3. Sign of the day of Christ

The intervention of the Creator in the main stages of the history, usually accompanied by a sign (Byt.9 :13-16 Iskh.4 :1-30, Ioil.2: 30). So the most important stage is the end of the wicked of this generation and the Second Coming of Christ.
It is logical to assume that the event will serve as a harbinger of a celestial sign from God, as in the first coming (Mt.2 9). After all, it is, "He ... worketh signs and wonders in heaven and on earth" (Dan.6 27, b).
Indeed, the sign in the sky will be because of it says Jesus Christ. "And then shall appear the sign (sign) of the Son of man in heaven ..." (Mt.24: 30).
Therefore, no eschatological hypothesis can not be true, if the author does not pay attention to these words, or give them unjustified interpretation.
In a previous article, using a range of analytical tools of exegesis and attracting some of the scientific data, the conclusion: the physical sign of the Day of Christ will radiant of a meteor shower.
In other words, "would be (from the Greek. Verb" shine "," appear ") sign in the sky ..." (Article 30), ie guns wrath of Almighty that He will take away from his store.
Radiant arise because of the invasion into the atmosphere of the set of "stars" - solid cosmic particles (meteoroids), flying from the northern constellation "Cepheus".
Jesus, in terms of the time, describes this astronomical phenomenon, "and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers (of the body) heaven shall be shaken (become unstable)" (Mt.24: 29, Mk.13: 25).
"When the sun, moon and stars will change the order of the motion, end of the world," the authors write [L.20], commenting Otk.6 13. They solidarizes author of [L.21] Mt.24 interpreting verse 29 this way: "The stars will fall from heaven, and the world will descend from their orbits."
John sees what the LORD said. Falling stars (Otk.6 13), hail, fire, high mountains, big star (8:5-10). Holiness of God will sinful world in His wrath and judgment (16:5). As it is written on only one of its kind to trouble.
"This is - the end for you, and I will send mine anger upon thee, and will judge thee according to thy ways, and will recompense upon thee all thine abominations" (Iez.7 3, modern. Per. "I'll make you pay for all the horrible things your "[L.33]). Because overflowing measure of evil crimes of this generation.

4. The stars will fall from the sky

In fact, there is a real danger of falling "stars" from the sky on the day of the Lord? Yes, because "There will be great earthquakes (different) places, and famines (hunger) and pestilence (epidemic), and fearful (from the sky) and great signs from heaven" (Lk.21: 11).
Fearful sights and signs falling stars of heaven to earth will cause great earthquake. Disappear sky svivshis like a scroll, and every mountain and every island will move out of their places (Otk.6 :12-14).
Then "shall all (!) Tribes of the earth" (Mt.24: 30, b). Literally tremble all the people living on the earth (Ioil.2: 1).
So John saw (Otk.14 20), as "blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles for a thousand and six hundred furlongs" (ie the height of the flow of blood, approximately 1.5 m and the length - 300 km!).
Author of [L.12, p.91], commenting Otk.6 13, writes, "falls to the ground under the stars to be understood not of the sun or the planet, and meteors. 1833 November 13 on the American continent for 3 hours falling real meteorite rain. This phenomenon was so terrible, that people thought it all - is the end of the world ... ".
Another interpreter of Revelation [L.19] to the above event (the so-called "Star 1833"), adds: "On that day, people fell to their knees, begging God for mercy."
The cause of the fall of the "stars" in the night of 12 to 13 November 1833 will be a powerful meteor shower "Leonids" (its radiant in the constellation Leo, ZHR = 34 640), caused by the substance of the comet Tempel-Tuttle.
The tragic consequences of the future days of great sorrow for all the inhabitants of the Earth details the prophet Zephaniah.
"It will cut off (completely) from the face of the earth, - says the LORD, I will cut off man and beast (animals), and consume the fowls of heaven, and the fish of the sea ...
And I will bring distress upon men, that they shall walk like blind men, because they have sinned against the Lord, and their blood shall be poured out as dust, and their flesh - as litter (sovr.per. "Many people will be killed, the blood will be spilled on ground, and the bodies will pave the ground like manure "[L.33]).
Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the Lord, and the fire of jealousy (anger) It shall be devoured by the whole land, for destruction, and, moreover, a sudden, he will make of all the inhabitants of the earth "(Sof.1: 2 - 18, see also: Is.13 :6-13, Ier.4: 13, 23:19, 20, 2Pet.3: 10).
5. Meteor swarm

Material weapons of sudden destruction that I have accomplished all the inhabitants of the land, will serve as a powerful asteroid and meteor shower.
It will not be one of the usual regular meetings of our planet with clouds of meteor particles have long broken comets and Earth's collision with a lot of larger space bodies, once the resulting destruction of the asteroid (asteroids).
Asteroids (Greek "like a star") is a body planetoobraznye equivalent diameter of 30 meters to 1000 km, orbiting the Sun, in particular, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. These little dangerous, but our planet can visit asteroids from outer space (Fig. 1).
Around the stranger - a small planet, which is concentrated 95-98% of the mass of the entire "family" by the weak attraction kept small asteroids and their fragments, rocks, lots of sand and dust.
This family (swarm) can fly in a very rarefied clouds of dust, meteoroids, asteroids and other meteoroids. Clouds, elongated along the direction of motion of 50 ÷ 100 million km, diameter 30 ÷ 40 million km and great speed from 20 thousand to 120 thousand kilometers per hour.

6. Gog of the land of Magog

This space swarm with a large central body, obviously meant Ezekiel (gl.38). P rorok describes it in terms of concepts and images of his time as a large (anthropomorphic) army.
It consists of armed groups, led by Gog, many people gathered to him, "all (?) Riding on horses, a great company and a mighty army" (38:3-7, 15).
Daniel calls a great bunch of "kingdom", different from all the kingdoms of the earth, "and shall devour the whole earth, trample and crush it" (Dan.7 23). Physical instrument smashing and breaking everything on earth will rock (2:35).
In such a scenario, the Old Testament, we should note three things:
1) The event, which foresees Ezekiel chapter 38, there will be a "Last years" (v. 8) and "the last days" (v. 16), ie refers to the day of the Lord, the verse says 23b, "and I will be known in the eyes of many nations" (cf. Mt.24: 30, Otk.1: 7);
2) in the Bible there is no mention of Gog, as existed kagda-a nation;
3) the title of "prince" Jews were also used in relation to the supernatural beings (eg Dan.10 13, in The Dead Sea Scrolls [L.28, str.862]).
In numerous disputes concerning the land of Gog and Magog, the prince of Rosh (not in the Masoretic text, "Roche", as the name of the people or the country is not found in the Bible), Meshech, and Tubal, the principal is the answer to the question whether a person Gogh? Obviously not (Gog means possible "precious gold object").
First, the prophet, giving eschatological rider properties inherent to man (38:10-12), however, treats him like a horse, "Here I am - for you, O Gog, prince of Rosh (can be translated as" head ") , Meshech and Tubal: And I will turn you around, put hooks into thy jaws, "(38:4 a).
Up to this time, "the numerous and varied attempts (for centuries!) Identify the names with a particular people have not been successful," [L.22, str.315]. Also, in the future, are unlikely to be a viable candidate of the people living on earth.
Secondly, the head of Meshech and Tubal rise "like a storm coming, as a cloud to cover the land, - thou and all thy bands, and many people with thee" (38:9).
But the dust cloud is, "like a cloud" in a collision with our planet is to create an "storm" (or rather, a powerful vortex). The surface of the earth is covered with meteoric dust and meteorites - "many nations."
Third, the prince of Gog and his army attacked the peaceful settlement, "the land of unwalled", "at rest, that dwell safely" (verse 11). Resulting in: spill hailstones, fire and brimstone; zatryasetsya all floating, flying, crawling and breathing; mountains shall be thrown down, the cliffs fall, every wall shall fall to the ground spilled all potoplyayuschy rain, flash plague (38:18-22).
However, this description is rather a cosmic catastrophe, followed by natural disasters, and war is not the armies of men on earth.
For the foregoing reasons, we must assume that Gog and his hordes, which will appear on the "far north" (v. 15), are (prophetic) personification. Transferring property rights (anthropomorphism) or animal (zoomorphism) on inanimate objects.

7. Asteroid Apocalypse

Most likely, Ezekiel Gog is an anthropomorphic way large celestial body (asteroid). It arose as a result of the destruction of a planet, possibly the Biblical land of Magog.
The head of Meshech and Tubal is the stone, cut off from the world (space) without hands. Destroyer, which the Old Testament says God through His prophets (Iez.38 17, Dan. 2:34, 35, Jer. 6:26, 51:25, Is.14: 12, 54:16).
In the New Testament, John, opened the following eschatological vision, accompanied tubnymi sounds from the sky.
"The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and fell to the ground, and (a third of the earth was burned), the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burned up" (Otk.8: 7, "the syntax of the verse means that blood-red storm should appear in the sky and then came down to the ground "[L.20]).
"And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast (dropped) into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood. Died and the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and a third of the ships were destroyed.
And the third angel sounded, and there fell from heaven a big (huge) star, blazing like a torch (in the original, "torch" [L.20]), and it fell upon the third part of the rivers and on the springs of water. The name of the star is Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood (bitter), and many men died of the waters, because they were made ​​bitter "(Otk.8 :8-11).
An interesting comment, given in [L.23, str.1103]. "If these verses Revelation literally, then, since God is achieving its objectives by nature, one can imagine a world bombarded by asteroids, darkening the sky and the poisoning of water with other elements of space, fire outbreaks, burning vegetation ... ".
Indeed, created "the heavens and the earth, the sea and springs of water" (Otk.14 7), uses the material means the trial created world: the sky, the earth, the sea, the sources of water (8:5-12).
Author of [L.19, page 114] believes that "with" a great mountain burning with fire "is explicitly described asteroids that astronomers give the following definition: a boulder the size of a mountain (with a diameter of 1 to 1000 km), flying in space. If the asteroid will approach the Earth, then it would start to burn due to the friction with the atmosphere. "
Close to the truth as to the interpretation of the [L.24, str.552]. "In all likelihood, we are talking about the hot celestial body that fell to the earth's ocean ...", "the fall of a large meteorite on the ground or a star, as a result of What are the sources of fresh water poisoned ... ".

8. Diffuse sky radiation

Heavenly stranger called Gog, the head of Meshech, Tubal, and other asteroids. Tumbles in space planetoobraznoe body is black.
However, closer to our solar system, the asteroid will be observed as white, when the sunlight starts. Then, close to the Earth, like a red (fire red), after changes in the optical properties of the filled with dust, smoke and aerosol atmosphere.
After all, two-thirds of the solar radiation, which is scattered in the atmosphere, are diffuse radiation. Namely, the surface reaches the light from the Sun, which is scattered on the (random) condensations of gas molecules and the suspended solid nanoparticles. This molecular (Rayleigh) scattering, ie ratio (k) diameter of the scattering particles to the wavelength of light, less than 0.1.
Now, the natural blue color of the sky is due to scattering, mostly short (0,38 ÷ 0,52 m) part of the spectrum of sunlight - light blue, dark blue, violet rays. Reds dissipate much less, except for the morning and evening time.
During the trial of the world, the color of the sky will be determined not by molecular (k < 0.1) and more intense aerosol light scattering (0,1 <k < 10). Scattering on the solid and liquid particles that are much more condensations of gas molecules and are commensurate with the incident wavelength of red light (0.76 m).
This Aerodisperse (colloidal) system from small solid (or liquid) particles with a diameter of 0.1 nanometers to several hundred microns (actually spray - to 0.1 microns, smoke - from 0.1 mm to 5 mm, the dust - 5 micron to 100 m and more).
Aerosols occur during evaporation of meteoric bodies asteroid collision with the planet's surface, and volcanic eruptions, explosions, and fires. Colloidal systems are also formed in the atmosphere, for example, in the form of sulfur-oxygen and nitrogen-hydrogen compounds [L.25] by chemical reactions between gases ejected.
Due to the mass appearance of aerosols change the nature of the diffuse sky radiation, it will be a fiery red. Sanguine will be observed from the Earth prince Gog and her company, the moon and the stars (Rev. 6:12, 12:3, Naum.2 3).

9. Heavenly spirits

So I saw this rider John - a white, a red, a black (black) horses (Otk.6 :2-6). It is believed that the first rider is Christ (or the Antichrist), the second - the personification of the Civil War, and the third is a symbol of famine (black means crying about fallen away from the faith), the fourth horseman - "Plague" or "Mor".
In fact, the amazing character of the visions John is a real heavenly body - the asteroid Gogh. Then where do the horses?
The fact that the representations of ancient peoples, heaven animates objects moving on a solid firmament on horses or chariots [L.26, 116, 666]. So car was considered a fiery chariot in which God comes down to earth. Unusual horses in the Book of Zechariah referred to as heavenly spirits (Zah.6 :1-6).
So John personifies planetoobraznoe body, as a rider, ie who moves across the sky on a horse (in Greek. text of Revelation the word "horse" is found 16 times). Ezekiel describes a rider at a time, which is the horse.
Naturally, the numerous anthropomorphic army Empire Prince Gogh - "all (?) Riding on horses ..." (Iez.38: 15; absolutely incredible for the human armies in time of the Prophet). Joel, twice using comparative Union, said: "His appearance as the appearance of horses and riders as they jump" (Ioil.2: 4).
Some interpreters of Revelation reasonably believe that John, in chapter 6 of the story is not about 3 different riders, and one thing only to change the attributes from vision to vision.
Riding on horseback, apparently, is not a person, as human features and no meaningful action is taken. Conversely, John sees the miraculous effects of his visit - "was a great earthquake ...
And the stars of heaven fell to the ground ... And the heaven (chopped), svivshis like a scroll, and every mountain and island (and every mountain and island) moved out of their places "(Otk.6 :12-17, compare c Iez.38 18 -22).

10. Attributes and color of a horse rider

The rider on the black horse has measure (Otk.6: 5, ie scales). "I looked, and behold, a black horse, and its rider had a balance in his hand." But why are the scales belonging rider?
Perhaps it is time to weigh human affairs contrary to God, putting on one side of the sinful earth, and the other - an instrument of his wrath. In addition, the disaster famine and grain will be sold in small measures, weighing in the balance (Article 6).
After approaching our solar system, a rider has a white horse, the crown and bow - a formidable weapon for the destruction of our planet (arrows meteorites).
"I looked, and behold, a white horse, and its rider, a bow, and a crown was given to him, and came out (left) as he was victorious (winner), and to conquer" (6:2).
His troops just one quiver - "like an open grave" (a black hole in the center of the radiant), but the full set of deadly arrows, - brave warriors who will eat everything on earth (Ier.5 :15-17).
The rider is given a crown (turban inkrustrirovanny precious stones) of white specks smaller asteroids. In 666 the number of pieces, which is the number of his name, but it's hard to count them (Otk.13: 18). Prince left the great cosmic abyss "conquering, and to conquer" (6:2).
When the face of heaven with our planet, meteors ("stars") will evaporate in its atmosphere and the host of heaven, in the words of the prophet Isaiah, "rot" (Is.34: 4).
Microparticles decayed meteors, smoke, soot, dust, earth and fine products of volcanic eruptions change the optical properties of the atmosphere.
Afternoon sun will be darkened (Is.13: 10, Ioil.3: 15), and at night, the moon reflected the light turns red (Ioil.2 31, Otk.6: 12). Therefore, the rider on the white horse will replace red (Greek "Pyros" - fiery-red).
"And there went out another horse that was red (red, like fire), and the rider was given power to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword" (6:4, Greek. "Mahaira" means a large knife stabbing).
Now he has no scales, the potential threat of hunger, and onions - a real threat to life. He was given a shiny, sharp, stabbing sword narrow smear meteoroids. Sword of the Lord "will go on all flesh", it comes out of its sheath (radiant), but will not return to them (Iez.21 4, 5).
As the fallout from the atmosphere of large aerosol particles, solar light will be scattered by the smaller, so the diffuse sky radiation changes from red to yellow-green.
This color is a horse, which will be death (Otk.6 8, Greek. "Chloros" is not pale and yellow-green, "like the color of a corpse or a pale face man aghast" [L.20]).

11. The fall of cosmic bodies

Physical consequences of crossing the Earth's orbit the clouds of heaven (within approximately 2 weeks), in detail, in the form of fragments, described to the scientific language of the Bible. On the basis of these predictions can be an overview of hazards, which will increase incrementally.
Initially, the mass will fall peripheral meteoroids very small size. They are completely "burned up" in the upper atmosphere (except micrometeorites), and their traces (tracks) will be visible in the night sky as a "rain of fire" (Lk.17: 29, 30).
Soon, cosmic dust will complement the large number of meteoroids ever-increasing size. It rocks from the sky (Iis.N. 10:11), they are also "hot coals" (Ps.17: 9) and the "stars" (Mk.13: 25, Otk.6: 13).
Then, in the active phase space bombardment (about 7 days), will fall to Earth "erupted elements" (2Pet.3: 10, 12), that race cars.
Then, within 10 hours, a few very large objects (asteroids) collide with the Earth (Fig. 2), "for the windows from on high are open, and the foundations of the earth shake" (Is.24: 18c).
So John saw a dip in the sea, as it were a great mountain burning with fire (Otk.8: 8). Probably not a meteor [L.12, p.106], but an asteroid that will cause terrible destruction: the death of the third part of the creatures of sea and death of the third part of ships (Article 9).
Jeremiah calls it a boiling pot, wind blower, whose face appears on the part of the North (Ier.1 13, 14).
Mass of the "pot" to several dozen billion tons, equivalent diameter - at least 1 km. In fact, "as it were a great mountain burning with fire" will fall into the sea (Otk.8 8, a).
According to the prophecies of the Jewish Sibyl, at the end of time God will punish the world "fire and rain, flooded land, and sulfur from the sky flying, huge stones, hail terrible" (Sibylline books, 3:690, 691).

12. The voice of the Lord

Drop flaming mountain to the ocean will be accompanied by thunder in the air (so-called "acoustic shock"). A powerful explosion on impact with the surface to cause a global earthquake, and great noise (a "strong voice"), any storm, tornado and fire "consuming fire," as Isaiah foresaw (Is.29: 6, 30:27).
The Old Testament prophets Joel and Amos called thunder from heaven, "the voice of the Lord" (see also Is.30: 30). From him "shake the heavens and the earth" (Ioil.3 16) quake desert, naked wood be broken trees (Ps.28 :5-9).
Pastures of the shepherds dry up but wither all vegetation on the mountains and hills (Am.1 2, Is.42: 15). Affected heat (Ps.10: 6, Otk.16 9), defied the Almighty in the day of trouble (Naum.1: 4), the breath of the spirit of his wrath (2Tsar.22 :14-16).
John saw a trumpet "fell from heaven a great star, blazing like a torch (in Greek. Original" torch "), and it fell upon the third part of the rivers and on the springs of water" (Otk.8: 10).
But a relatively small body can fall into such a huge surface area? Only somehow crush the air.
The modern name of the star - "car", the so-called meteor brightness more than 4 th magnitude. Rattling flying car accompanied sheathed fire tail of the "smoke", variable brightness light areas.
In ancient times, the only suitable physical analogue car was tarred burning torch (gave fire, sparks, smoke, flashing lights).
F or the heavenly bodies of less than 1 ton, n Oleta ends, most often, the destruction (aerodynamic forces) in the atmosphere at a height of 80 to 20 km. In this case, the delay of the area many small meteorite falls over a large area in the form of an ellipse (the so-called "crater field").
Perhaps it is in the Bible are called fireballs and arrows and spears of God (Avv.3 11, Zah.9: 14), with fire from heaven (Byt.19 24, Iez.38 22, Otk.8: 7). And snorting horses (Ier.8 16) or thundering fire (or rather, "like torches") chariots (Naum.2: 3, 4, 3-2, Ioil.2: 5). Since race cars move across the sky, and their flight below 55 km accompanied thunderbolt, thud, thud.

13. High temperature shock

As a result of impact events - the fall of the big mountain (asteroid), blazing fire (Otk.8 8), it forms a ball of fire. The temperature at the center, at least a million degrees, and expanding it at supersonic speed.
Such a powerful shock wave of hot gases and rock dust in the Bible called:
"The flame of devouring fire" (Is.29: 6), "a scorching wind" (Ps.10: 6), "dry wind" (Ier.4 11, Avv.3: 5 letters. "Kindle fire") "a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks" (3Tsar.19: 11), "Spirit of the Lord" (Is.30: 33).
Wind of the LORD will destroy everything around ground zero, for hundreds of miles, perish all who do not bury in the ground. But why David, Jeremiah, Habakkuk call it burning or scorching wind?
The only tangible analog high shock, in ancient times, was the khamsin (aka, "sandstorm", "red wind" or "sea of blood").
Khamsin is burning scorching wind from the hot air, dust, fine and coarse sand (temperature 40-50 º C or more, humidity less than 10%). Clouds of sand raised by the brief squally wind gusts (up to 100 km / h), eclipsing the sun and greatly reduces visibility.
In the days of anger, the Lord of the heavenly host "shall shew the arm in great anger" (in English first. "Dropped his hand from the sky"), will reveal "in flame of a devouring fire, in the storm ..." (Is.30: 30; MACOP in, "in a flame of fire devouring the hurricane"), ie fiery blast.
Interestingly, in the Hebrew language for the expression of "anger" (God) is used, in particular, the word "charon-af" (translated into Russian as "explosion"). Wrath of the Almighty "lop the branches of the trees," destroy august, all the high down to the ground and "shall cut down the thickets of the forest with iron" (10:33, 34).
The shock wave will arise not only in the atmosphere ("heaven"), but also in land and water; promise come true Creator of the universe. "I will shake heaven and earth, the sea and the dry land" (Agg.2 6, b).
Solid front of hot material from which ignite plants rapidly devour all that easy to burn, and after him, the flame will burn out the rest. Just as predicted by the Old Testament prophets.
"For behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven ... fire devours before him, and behind him firing a flame in front of him the land as a garden of Eden, and behind it a desolate wilderness, and nothing shall escape them" (Mal.4: 1, Ioil.2 3).
After high-temperature shock wave caused by the fall of an asteroid with a diameter of 10 km, will burn instantly all around the epicenter (its initial parameters: temperature 700 000 º C, the speed close to the speed of light).
At a distance of 1500 km, "nothing shall escape," there is nothing left alive, in a radius of 5000 km, "a desolate wilderness," survive on insects and small animals (in the holes). Only at a distance of over 8000 km from the crater (diameter 250 km) remain alive in large animals.

14. Fires

       On the day of harvest, if the weeds in the fiery furnace (Mt.13 :38-42), will burn the green cover of our planet, as if in a funeral pyre. As in a vision open to John
"And the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burned up" (Otk.8: 7). But why the prophet says that burned all the grass and only a third of the trees?
Physical causes of this phenomenon was the rapid movement of the shock wave, a significant drop in its temperature with distance from the epicenter, widespread rains. Therefore burn up all the little plants, and two-thirds of large woody species do not have time to ignite and burn.
In Onen whirlwinds and fiery storms (storms) "burn" the land, as its surface temperature will increase to 300 º C (or more). Because written:
"And the land thereof shall become burning pitch (gray)" (Is.34: 9), "the earth and the works that are therein shall be burned up" (2Pet.3: 10). The mountains will burn like a bush (Is.64: 1, modern. Per. [L.33]), and the city will burn fire (Otk.18: 8, 18).
Will burn not only the earth, but also heaven (2Pet.3: 7, 12), more precisely, the air over land (by air). Turns even water and fire will Oceans (because going outside of flammable gases).
As it is written in the ancient Christian work (early II century AD), widely known in the early Church, and went down in the so-called "Canon Muratori."
"And in the day of judgment ... the water will turn to burning coals, and everyone on earth will burn, and the sea will be a fire, and the flames under the heaven be cruel ..." (Rev. Peter 5:1-5).
A similar revelation, and before that (in VI II century BC), was the Old Testament prophet Amos.
"Shewed (show) me is the Lord God: Behold, the Lord GOD (calls) by fire - and it (the fire) consumed (burned) great deep, and consumed (burned) and a part of the earth" (Am.7 4 ).

15. Hurricanes

In the affected area, the water in the rivers will become hot and black as pitch. "And turn it into the river gum" (Is.34: 9), covered with ash, soot, pumice, volcanic ash, mineral dust.
Fires will swell monstrous hurricane force winds (12 on the Beaufort scale). His speed from the usual 100 km / h to an unprecedented 500 km / h.
Hurricanes, ie spirally rotating huge masses of air and moisture, there will be over the oceans due to the formation of local zones of high temperature surface. This zones in areas falling asteroids, over underwater volcanoes, tectonic fractures on the ocean floor.
Asaf so prophesies about fires and hurricanes in the coming of the Lord. "Our God shall come, and do not keep silence before him a consuming fire, and around the big storm" (Ps.49: 3).
David points to the sky (meteors) of the body, as the cause of the fire to eat. "Rain will throw the wicked he coals, fire and brimstone, and an horrible tempest: - portion of their cup" (Ps.10: 6, see also Is.29: 6, Ier.25 32, Naum.1: 3) .
Consuming fire and the wind of the Lord of the bowl (radiant) occur not only at the center of the explosion (in the form of a shock wave). But, according to David, also commonly due to falling embers, fire and sulfur. Scientifically, hot products IMPACT released into the troposphere, stratosphere and mesosphere extremely powerful explosion.
They set fire to the released methane, hydrogen sulfide and other combustible gases, which will be added to the air. In the surface layers of the atmosphere, much burned in a raging fire, "the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven" (Mal.4 1, a).
There will be a strong temperature inversion, ie increase in temperature with height (instead of reduction), as well as the refraction of the atmosphere (the changing nature of the refraction of light).

16. Global Earthquake

The roar of collapsing cars shake the sky (as in the explosion of the Tunguska meteoroid) of fallen asteroids hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of the lithosphere and the hydrosphere shake.
"For thus says the Lord of hosts, once again, and it will be soon - I will shake heaven and earth, the sea and the dry land" (Agg.2 6; Ev.12: 26, Ps.76 :17-19; ancient Jews. the word "earthquake" means noise or deafening roar [L.27, str.495]).
The author of Hebrews, commenting Agg.2 verse 6, says: "The words" once more "indicate that all creation will be destroyed ..." (Hebrews 12: 27, modern. Per. [L.33]). "For our God is a consuming fire" (item 29).
Trigger a series megalozemletryaseny would drop a large asteroid ("star" in Otk.9: 1), there will a huge mushroom cloud. Because of the strong seismic shock, tectonic shifts occur on a continental scale.
Intense movement (sliding) of the lithospheric plates on the asthenosphere calls on their joints following physical phenomena:
1) geological breaks the crust, hundreds of thousands of kilometers, more precisely, "fault zone", ie structural zones of the same type of tectonic deformation;
2) the evaporation of large amounts of sea water due to the heat of hot magma (2000 ° C - 2500 ° C), filling fracture zones formed between diverging oceanic plates;
3) a series of powerful earthquakes and volcanic activity due to the release of enormous energy during sliding of tectonic plates.
In the place there astrobleme IMPACT (Greek "star wound"). The science, large impact crater ("bottomless pit" in Otk.9: 1, 2, modern. Per. "Passage that leads to the abyss" [L.33]), depth 20 km and a diameter of 100 to 300 km. The ambience will be thrown a lot of gases and fine dust ("smoke" in 9:2).
Unprecedented seismic catastrophe "on the day of his fierce anger" predict the Old Testament prophets Isaiah (Is.13: 13, 24:19, 20, 29:6), Joel (Ioil.2: 10, 3:16), Micah (Micah 1:2-4), Jeremiah (Ier.4 24), Ezekiel (Iez.38: 19, 20, commentators have noted, "a great earthquake, apparently meant cosmic cataclysm" [L.28, str.834 ]).
But John sees these predictions are self-fulfilling, "and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since the people on the ground. Such an earthquake, so great" (Otk.16 :18-20, 6:12, 8:5 , 11:19).
Giving birth to a global earthquake Earth "will change the whole face of the planet" [L.24], "no country or nation, no city or village shall not escape it," "the whole surface of the earth to move, start to worry and trembling, panic then cover every living thing "[L.12, page 91, 93].

17. Seismic vibrations

Jesus Christ, telling students about the sign of His coming, he said, "and then shall all the tribes of the earth" (Mt.24: 30, b). But why would cry and not be happy all the nations of the earth? The answer to this question is contained in the book of the Old Testament prophet Amos.
"For the Lord God Almighty, touches the earth, and the earth will melt, and all who live in it, weep" (Am.9: 5; modern. Translation [L.33]). Because the whole earth "reared as Neil, then lower as the river of Egypt" (v. 5b).
Will be the case. Land is not only shaken (Agg.2 6), but vskolebletsya (Ps.16: 8, Ier.4 24), rising and falling, as predicted.
"Excite all of it (the earth) as a river, and will rise and fall as the flood of Egypt" (Am.8: 8, "in Article 8 is predicting earthquakes: ground motion, which then follow, compared with the rise and fall of water in the Nile "[L.22, str.456]).
Earth cast off all torturers shakes wicked towards dawn, sweeping corners of the land (Iov.38 13) changes like clay under the seal (item 14). For the day of the Lord come.
"He was - and shook the earth ..." (Avv.3 6, a), "The mountains quake at him, and the hills melt, and the earth is in his sight, and the world and all who dwell in it" (Naum. 1:5 AM .9:5).
Because of the seismic wave-like crust (continental and oceanic) with a wave height of 10 meters, which go around the globe in less than 1 hour, the following happens:
1) all of the islands and mountains will move (move) out of their places in the heart of the seas (Otk.6: 14, 16:20, Ps.45: 3);
2) The collapse of the pagan (Otk.16 19, modern. Per. "City people"), for the loss of which, from a distance, people will watch them (18:9-10);
3) drop all the high and exalted all low (Is.24: 20, 40:4);
4) in the land of any wide cracks, fall into these pits people (24:18);
5) mountains melt like wax (Ps.96: 5, Avv.3 6);
6) wake up thousands of volcanoes (Ps.103: 32, Is.64 :1-3) due to the collision of lithospheric plates, emitting ash and gases to a height of 10 - 30 km;
7) vosshumit (roar) and troubled (razbushuetsya) sea (Lk.21: 25, Is.5 30) will fall on the land giant waves drowned city (Otk.18 21);
8) tremble and will join the "ends of the earth" (Is.41: 5), change the terrain.
But why Isaiah saw as the "ends of the earth" not only a flutter (41:5, ie, "shook"), but "closer"?
Probably, in the eschatological vision of the prophet observed the phenomenon of "raising (slope) horizon" due to positive refraction and a strong temperature inversion in the atmosphere of the first.
In other words, the visible (surveyor) horizon up (expanded), ie its geographical range has increased so that the closer location, usually hidden by the curvature of the Earth. The visibility range was "bekonechnoy" - the ends of the earth "closer and agreed" (verse 5, in the Masoretic text, "they drew near, and came").

18. Megatsunami

The pangs of birth - underwater earthquakes, volcanoes, tectonic discontinuities (faults), extensive surface and submarine landslides on land rush, roaring sea gravitational waves (tsunami).
As the figurative expression of the prophet Habakkuk: "overflowing of the water (the water receded from the land): the deep uttered his voice (roared) a highly lifted up his hands (she had lost power over the land)" (Avv.3 10, in brackets, modern. Lane . [L.33]).
About the disaster that hit the sea, warns Zacharias (Zah.10 :9-11, literally, "And he will be raised with the sea ... and the sea waves").
Before the advent of megatsunami, water recede far from land, ie strong tides occur - would be exposed seabed (2Tsar.22: 16). Then, with great speed from 800 km / h to 1000 km / h, the unprecedented surge wave height. They "went up to heaven, descend to the depths" (Ps.106: 26, 45:3, 4).
After megatsunami low (up to 1 m) only in the high seas (but their length is great - from 150 km to 300 km). However, when moving in shallow water, the wave is compressed due to the inhibition of its front, the speed of the wave front drops to 50 km / h, and its height grows "up to heaven."
Then sea water, sweeping away everything in its path, will spread across the face of land. Hundreds of kilometers gouged krntinentov, streams cutting through the earth (Am.9 6, Avv.3 8, 9).
Therefore, Jesus Christ offers to flee to the mountains (Mt.24 :16-18), for "the sea vosshumit (roar) and troubled (razbushuetsya)" (Lk.21: 25c).
One of the physical causes of disturbance of the sea (giant waves) will be an asteroid (Otk.8 8, 9, 3).
For example, the collision of a celestial body diameter of 1 km from the Earth followed splash to a height of 4000 meters in the open sea will disperse 20 ÷ 40 m waves and tsunami on the coast will fall up to one thousand meters [L.29].
Some Bible scholars believe that the asteroid will fall into the Mediterranean Sea [L.12, p.106, L.19, p.115].
In place of the asteroid with a diameter equivalent to 2 km - tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods cover an area up to 2000 km, the zone is the complete destruction of approximately 500 km.
In the territory of a diameter of about 800 km will be raging wind speeds up to 500 km / h, and the area of continuous fire is approximately 200 km. The tsunami caused by the fall in the Atlantic Ocean, an asteroid with a diameter of 5 km, will cover most of Europe.
Even more disastrous consequences are expected in a collision with Earth asteroid with a diameter of 10 km, which forms a crater with an initial depth of 15-20 km. (!) Thermal explosion will cause the simultaneous release of 1500 to 10 000 km3 of material, some of which (rocks, gravel, sand) again falls on the land surface or hydrosphere. Atmospheric temperature will rise by about 30 º C.
Released in the explosion energy (about 5x10 ^ 23 joules) of one million times the energy of the explosion of the most powerful thermonuclear 100 megaton bomb [L.30].

19. Destruction of the World

So in the day of rebuke evil, adulterous and misrepresentation of this generation, for the evil of it, the Lord smite all the peoples of lightning, voice, thunder, hailstones, fire, gray, great noise and the earthquake, but the storm swirl, the flame of devouring fire and flood; ashes ( dust) from the sky (Is.29: 6, 30:30, Iez.38 22, Otk.16 :18-21 Vtor.28: 24);
"Perilous times (disasters), such as was not since then, as there are people (there were people)" (Daniel 12: 1, Mt.24: 21).
As a result of natural disasters, and natural disasters, which will carry cascade character will die many animals, birds, fish and sea creatures, and the people (Mk.13: 20, Sof.1: 2, 3, Otk.6: 8, 8 :9-11, 9:18, 11:13, Is.1 9, 24:6).
And with great destruction, when all the towers fall, and the earth will be like a threshing floor after threshing, if not setuyuschy said: "blind case this reason." For the heavens and the Creator gave the law of the host of heaven (Is.45: 12), including , the kingdom Gogh (Iez.38 3, 4). Because "every setuy his sins" (Plach.3: 39).
Through the prophet Isaiah, God of the heavenly host with the words speaking to us.
"I called - and it was not responsible, he said - and they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes" (Is.66: 4). Moreover, "their soul delighteth in their abominations" (Article 3).
Then comes retribution. "So I their delusions (in MACOP," would choose their infamous ") and will bring upon them terrible (" what they most fear "[L.33]) for them" (v. 4, a) .
Be drowned island (Otk.6: 14, 16:20, Is.40: 15, 41:5), and destroyed the city (Otk.16 19, Ier.4 26, Is.17: 9, 25:2) that zaseyutsya salt. Mountains shall be thrown down (Otk.16 20, Iez.38 20, Mih.1 4) yes wake volcanoes (Ps.103: 32).
Some theologians believe that the world will descend from their orbits and will randomly be worn in space, and the universe will collapse [L.20, 21, 31]. No, that will not happen. However, the failure will become a planetary scale, as if "the earth shall remove out of her place" (Is.13: 13; Iov.9: 5, 6).

Abase all high (Isaiah 2:12), all exalted low, mountain ranges will plains aligned way of the Lord and the glory of Christ. As written.
"The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God;
Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill made ​​low, the crooked straight, and the rough places plain: And the glory of the Lord, (collectively, from the Masoretic text), and all flesh shall see at once that the mouth of the Lord has spoken "(Is.40: 3-5).

День Господень