"And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one sevens, and half
Weeks cease sacrifice and offering, and on the wing
sanctuary will be the abomination of desolation ... "
(Dan.9: 27)

"I will give my two witnesses, and they will prophesy
one thousand two hundred sixty days ... "
(Otk.11: 3)

     In the Bible, with the numbers, the account is maintained homogeneous units (including time periods), based generally on the decimal system [F. 1]. Numbers, except for the objective function value in the Scriptures are often more symbolic and [L.2]. For example, the number "four" marks the integrity of the created world [L.1], and the number "seven" symbolizes completeness, perfection, perfection [L.2, 3].
However, only a metaphorical interpretation of the numbers leads to mysticism and the Kabbalah to an extreme, that is, search for foundations of all things in the figures and letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and healing tools - in the formulas and amulets.
The authors of the Bible Encyclopedia [L.1, str.1061] reasonably believe "or determining the possible symbolic significance of any number in no way precludes its objective meaning, both can coexist." Moreover, in [L.28, str.554] states: "there is good reason to take it literally the figures given in the book. Revelation."
In other words, whenever a number appears in the biblical texts (such as "Seven"), this does not mean that it necessarily carries with it symbolic meaning [L.2, str.1312].
On the other hand, in the Jewish apocalyptic literature refers to a certain extent the eschatological time of "what God has already appointed day and hour of His appearance to the Court and will not call it '[L.4, str.243].
Consider what the literal numbers in the Bible are relevant to the last time? the days when the shadow of death, when all the stones are moved from their places and desolate land. What do these numbers may mean?

1. Seventy weeks of Daniel

Many Christian theologians believe that the Book of Daniel contains a prediction of 490 years on the future of Israel. Here is a prophecy.
"Seventy weeks (modern translation." Seventy times seven years ") are defined for thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, sin and wickedness smoothed out, and to bring in everlasting righteousness and to seal up vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy "(Dan.9: 24).
In accordance with the sacred septenary division of time among the Jews, in verse 9:24, apparently, really we are talking about the subject's. How about seventy literal years of exile and captivity in Babylon, of which the prophet says in verse 9:2, previously predicted by Jeremiah (Ier.25: 12; 2Par.36 :20-23).
It is believed that 69 weeks (483 years) until Christ the Lord has already passed (Dan.9: 25, 26), and 70th weeks (Article 27, Heb. "Shavua") will be the period of his activities during the Second Coming [A .3, 5, 6]. Here, we should not confuse the time gap, as in the visions of the biblical prophets temporary borders "erased" [L.5, page 142].
The last seven-year period consists of two identical time intervals of 3.5 years (half of sevens), the second of which is often called the day or time "In elikoy sorrow" [L.8, p. 131].
Experts in biblical eschatology, having different opinions converge, usually in one: seventy weeks of Daniel is the end of the old world and the coming century (the millennium) will begin with the coming of Christ. Much less unanimity on the question, "When will the last seven years?".
Some say that with admiration of the Church, but in the Bible, such information is not available. Others, referring to Dan.9 27 "and adopt a covenant for many sevens," believe - after the conclusion of the Antichrist with Israel. But such an interpretation ignores the fact that Daniel used the word "covenant" as the agreement of the Israeli people to God, not man.
Some theologians have rightly pointed out that the prophecy Dan.9 27 does not refer to the Antichrist, but to the person referred to in verse 26, namely, to Christ (literally, "Anointed One"). In fact, it is He who made ​​a covenant with Israel, after his coming [L.7].

2. Beginning of the last seven years

Beginning of the seventy weeks will probably provide the appearance of the destroyer (Dan.9 27), which is in verse 2:34, 35, 45, the prophet calls the "rock", detached from the (global) without hands. Stone crushed to the ground all the while he "became a great mountain and filled the whole earth" (2:35, [LV 9]).
John calls the destroyer white horse with a rider (Otk.6 2) Isaiah - the son of the dawn (Is.14: 12), Ezekiel calls Gog (Iez.38 2), Jeremiah - destroyer of nations (Ier.4 7) and Job - Leviathan (Iov.40 :20-41: 26).
That ancient serpent, the stone from the mountains of the world, a rider on a white horse, astronomers discover in the north, near the edge of heaven and earth, among the constellation Cepheus seven candlesticks [nx 10], and then determine the trajectory of Gog with the state (the family) it.
Shortly after the beginning of seven years, begin to serve God's prophets. "And I will (the will) to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy one thousand two hundred sixty days, clothed in sackcloth" (Otk.11: 3).
It is generally accepted that one of the two witnesses will be Elijah and Enoch or Moses others. True, some Christians believe: the emergence of Eliyyahu predicted by the prophet Malachi (4:5, 6), though already osuschestvilos L, referring to the verse Mt.11 :11-14. However, John the Baptist came in the spirit and power of Elijah (Lk.1: 17). He, by his own admission, was not a prophet Elijah (In.1: 21), since then has not come yet, "Day of the Lord, great and terrible" (Mal.4: 5, b).
The gospel will not only be the two witnesses, but also 144 000 elected for that purpose and sealed by Messianic Jews (7:3-8), blameless before God, as "follow the Lamb" (14:1-5). They herald the end of the old era, the approach of the kingdom of God on earth, the coming of the Messiah Yehoshua ha.
No one can harm the two witnesses (11:5), dressed in mourning clothes (Article 3). Their prophecies about the end of evil, adulterous, wrong and this generation coming of the Kingdom will be accompanied by miracles (v. 6).
However, when the end up in 1260 days of service of prophets, "the beast out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them and conquer them and kill them" (Article 7, b).

3. Rebellion against God

What developments can be expected in the first half of the last seven years? We can assume that after the discovery of Gog and his family, the people possess the anxiety, breaking into a deeply disturbing.
When the probability of crossing the orbits of the Earth and the asteroid and meteor flow is confirmed, then turn into a panic alarm, covering more and more people, as we approach the asteroid to Earth.
Describing this time, Jesus and Paul warned the retreat from the Lord (Mt.24: 10), which happens when the son of perdition will (2Fes.2: 3).
The cause of the last rebellion against God, the great disturbance of mass defection of Christians serve the false prophets (Mt.24: 11), as well as the collapse of faith in the teachings of men (2Tim.4: 3, 4). Disillusionment with the flattering fables about saving believers "from the hour of trial which shall come upon all the world" (Otk.3: 10).
Not so says the Lord to His chosen.
"For you fulfilled my mandate of patience. I, in turn, will protect you during the tests that are looming on the whole world to test the inhabitants of the earth" (3:10, trans. [L.11]).
For the sake of his elect, the Creator of all things shorten the days of tests for all the inhabitants of the earth. Otherwise, it could not save a single person (Mk.13: 20).
The great rebellion against God, men of the world expressed in the fact "that everyone ... to receive a mark (stamp) on the right hand or in their foreheads" (13:16). Without this, typeface (outline view) or name (Gogh) or the number of his name (666) no one can neither sell nor buy anything from him who has no such stigma (v. 17).
By the time duration of the revolt coincides with the ministry of God's witnesses, that is, last 1260 days (11:3).

4. The abomination of desolation

Before the collision with the planet's horde educators, fearing a global earthquake, the residents leave the city and live in the open field (Ier.4: 24, 29, Mih.4: 10). In the cities the same reign desolation.
The vision of this desolate city abandoned the Lord opened the prophet Isaiah (Is.1: 1, 8). "O Jerusalem, the daughter of Zion was left as an empty tent among the abandoned vineyard, like an old shed in the garden (blank Bahce), as a vanquished city" (v. . 8, the present-day. Lane. [L.11]).
In verse 24:10 the prophet says that this deserted city would be destroyed in the Elohim of the promise to the people retire ye from him.
"And I will make Jerusalem a heap of stones, a den of dragons, and the cities of Judah will make a desolation, without inhabitant" (Ier.9: 11).
Obviously, the termination of the ceremonies of worship of Yahweh and the subsequent desolation of Jerusalem, in anticipation of abominable power (Gog), Daniel prophesied:
"A half weeks are stopped sacrifice and offering, and on the wing of the sanctuary will be the abomination of desolation" (Dan.9: 27, Masore "squalid power will exist until it is complete destruction ..."). Of these events begins 1290 days of Bible rather, nights) and 1335 days, as well predicted.
"Since the end of the daily sacrifice, and to ordain (establishing) desolation (silent) will be one thousand two hundred and ninety days. Blessed (happy), who are waiting (wait), and the thousand three hundred thirty-five days" (12:11, 12).
In the event of the end (Mt.24: 14), after the coming tribulation (24:29, Mk.13: 24), Jesus tells the Jews to flee.
"So when you see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place ... then (all) who are in Judea flee (abscond) in the mountains" (Mt.24: 15, 16). For the end of the age has come, it's time to harvest (13:38-40).

5. Eclipse of the Sun

The final signal for the exodus from the cities and hazardous areas of residence, will sign in the sky - solar eclipse [L.7]. According to the prophecy of Joel, a solar eclipse will occur before the onset of the day of God's wrath.
"The sun will turn (turn into) into the darkness ... before (before) rather than (as) the day of the Lord, the great and terrible" (Ioil.2: 31).
The prophet Amos said that while the solar eclipse will occur in Israel at noon.
"And in that day, says (declares) the Lord God make the sun at noon and darken the earth in broad daylight" (Am.8 9, modern. Lane. "Sunset occurs at midday, and midday darkness falls on the ground "[L.11]).
Agrees with Amos the prophet Micah, who, on behalf of Yahweh's promises to false prophets, seers and soothsayers "would you rather the night visions, and darkness - not divine; the sun go down over the prophets, and the day shall be dark over them" (Mih.3 :5-7 .) Come on Tsiyon trouble and sorrow dwell in Jerusalem (v. 12).
Jesus Christ, describing the events preceding His return, also speaks of sorrow (distress) and the solar eclipse.
"But in those days, after that tribulation (modern translation. [L.11] 'after the disaster to happen"), the sun will be darkened ... "(Mk.13: 24), calling this astronomical phenomenon with -" And there will be signs in the sun ... "(Lk.21: 25).
It is an eschatological sign he saw in him one of the open visions, "the sun became black (darkened) as sackcloth of hair" (Otk.6: 12b, the present-day. Lane. "Sun became black as sackcloth made ​​of goat hair" [L.11 ]).
In addition to the solar eclipse, the Prophet saw (as Amos) was a great earthquake (6:12 a), a feature which will swing the earth, like a river wave oscillation (Am.8: 8). Only a very strong earthquake (seismic intensity of XI - XII points) is accompanied by a wave-like oscillations of the surface the ground.
Please note that these visions are close to the time of events (eclipses and earthquakes) and John Amos are presented in reverse chronological order.

6. Eclipse of the Moon

The prophet Joel tells not only about the solar eclipse (new moon occurs), but points to one more sign of the onset date of the wrath of God [L.7], namely, the eclipse of the moon.
"The sun turned to darkness and the moon - in the blood, before (before) rather than (as) the day of the Lord ..." (Ioil.2: 31).
Unlike the Sun, when the eclipse (full moon) the moon does not turn into "darkness", and becomes blood-red color. Because even in a phase of total eclipse, it continues to light up through the earth's atmosphere, the most transparent to the Rays (tangential) orange-red spectral range.
That is, a red moon sees John, after removal of the sixth seal: "... and the moon became as blood" (Otk.6 12, in present-day. Lane. "And the whole moon became blood" [L.11] 'and the moon became red as blood "[L.12]).
Thus, at this time the moon no longer shine with natural light, ie not give the white reflected from the sun light. Exactly as predicted by the Lord Jesus Christ: "... the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give its light" (Mk.13: 24).
Eclipse of the moon, which will occur within 2 weeks of sun, would be another astronomical sign of His coming. For it is written: "And there shall be signs in the sun (1) and moon (2) ..." (Lk.21: 25), and only after these celestial signs people will see the Son of Man (v. 27).
In addition to solar and lunar eclipses, warns Jesus Christ will also be "terrible events and great signs from heaven" (21:11 c).

7. How great are His signs of heaven!

What are the specific signs and fearful of the sky did Jesus mean? The answer to this question can be found in the prophecy of Joel, which transmits the direct speech of God the heavenly hosts.
"And I will shew wonders in heaven and on earth, blood and fire and pillars of smoke" (Ioil.2: 30).
The prophets Daniel and John, help to explain why there will be blood and fire and pillars of smoke, as in heaven and on earth (Dan.2: 34, 35, Otk.8 :5-12). Daniel explains to King Nebuchadnezzar cause of death of the last kingdom.
"Since you saw that the stone was cut out from the mountain without hands, and in pieces the iron, copper (bronze), clay, silver and gold ..." (2:45).
These falling rocks (in a modern way, "fireballs" and "Asteroids"), Isaiah calls the sword of Yahweh in heaven (full blood), descending to the earth (Is.34 :4-6). Ezekiel prophesies of the sword, which the Lord God will take away from its sheath (all flesh) and it has not come back (Iez.21 :3-5).
John also refers to the heavenly bodies falling censer filled with fire and plunge to the ground (Otk.8 5), as well: as a great mountain burning with fire (v. 8), a big star (Article 10), Star (9: 1).
Then the fearful encounter with the sky, "and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and fell to the ground" (8:7 b; [L.13]).
The same prophet sees the signs on the ground:
· Blood - "the third part of the sea became blood" (8:8);
·   fire - "the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burned up" (8:7);
· Smoke - "smoke out of the pit like the smoke of a great furnace" (9:2).
Blood, fire and pillars of smoke in heaven and on earth will arise as a result of a collision with our planet cosmic bodies. They emerge from the meteor shower radiant and Cepheus - the great wonders in the heavens, which will see all the inhabitants of the Earth [L.14].
In the New Testament such a great astronomical event called a falling star from heaven (Mt.24: 29, Mk.13: 25, Otk.6: 13). And as a sign in the sky: "Then will (" will, "[L.11, 12]) sign (sign) of the Son of man in heaven" (Mt.24: 30a).
After all, "The catastrophic events in the sky will be accompanied by the return of Christ to earth to establish the millennial kingdom" [L.5, page 77].
Radiant, caused by the fall of the "stars" will mark the coming of astronomical third of these, Jesus Christ. "And there shall be signs in the sun (1) and moon (2) and stars (3) ..." (Lk.21: 25).
A similar sign (radiant) in the Old Testament, God called grandeur, covering the sky, and the glory that fills the earth (Avv.3: 3). "Glitter it (fame) - as the sunlight beams from his hands, and here (there) cache His power (glory) "(3:4).

8. The Lord's Day and Easter

The appearance of the sign of the Son of Man, 3.5 years from the beginning of seven years, will mean onset day of the Lord: the event, when God intervenes in world history and salvation for the court [L.1, 2, 13-15]. In Bible prophecy, this day marks the death of the old world, including the evil of the human race (Is.13 :4-13 :1-11 Ioil.2, Sof.1 :2-18, Mt.13 :38-42 2Pet.3: 6,7,10).
The onset day of God ... the court can be expected during the night, as indicated by the prophecy of the Apostle Peter.
"There will come the same day of the Lord as a thief (a thief) at night, and then the heavens with noise (rumble) will pass away (go away), and the elements (Celestial Bodies), fervent, the earth and all things in it (along with all that it) burn (to be burned) "(2Pet.3 10, the words in parentheses - the present-day. Lane. [L.11, 12]).
True, the radiant of a meteor shower - the person who sat on the throne and the wrath of the Lamb (ie, the sign of the Lord in heaven), appears at night, it can not be seen in the daytime [L.13, 14]).
According to the prophecy of Joel, the emergence of the radiant (the day of Yahweh) will be preceded by a lunar eclipse (Ioil.2: 31). With the advent of radiant cloudless night, nearer morning, and with it ... and night.
The study, whose results are given in [L.7] shows that the beginning of Yom Kippur coincides with the onset of (great), the Jewish holiday of Pesah.
The sacred calendar, it began on the fourteenth day of the month (Lev.23: 5) in the evening (as soon as twilight), the first full moon after the vernal equinox [L.16]. Ended with Pesah night, the fifteenth of Nisan, with this number began a seven-day (less great) feast of unleavened bread (23:6, Heb. "Matzot").
As in the first Passover night, Yahweh Elohim smote Egypt, so at the last, the day the Lord will be punished all the rebellious world, had corrupted his way. On this Easter warns the prophet Zephaniah.
"Peace (silent) before the Lord God, for the day of the Lord. For the LORD hath prepared a sacrifice (the victim), he hath to call (the meal)" (Sof.1: 7).
Said meal, we had to perform on Easter night (Ish.12 8), calling neighbors (v. 4), poor or lonely people.
So, the Lord's day, which will come at night, the above events will occur in the following chronological order:
·   come Pesah;
·   will eclipse of the moon;
· There radiant of a meteor shower that illuminates the whole earth.
Namely, such a lamp uses the Lord of the military might and power to inspect (or rather, to search) Jerusalem (Sof.1: 12) in a dark gloomy night (Article 15). Like the owner of the house, who suddenly come "in the evening or at midnight, or in singing roosters, or in the morning" (Mk.13: 35, indicated by the Roman guards vremyaschisleniyu).
Interestingly, all the 4th period set forth by Jesus in the Mk.13: 35 (from 6 pm to 6 am), are confined to a time when there will be traces of falling from the sky "stars" (ie, radiant) from for heaven's hesitation forces (Article 25), in the dark moonlit night, when "the moon shall not give its light" (Article 24). Then the master of the house (item 26).

9. How mighty his wonders!

John said that the two witnesses of God "will prophesy one thousand two hundred and sixty days" (Otk.11: 3, b). When the days of their ministry, "the beast out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them and conquer them and kill them" (Article 7, b).
Under the beast out of the abyss, he is: a rider on a fiery-red (sorrel) horse, a scarlet beast, a great red dragon, the prophet had in mind, obviously, a large cosmic body, more precisely, the asteroid and meteor shower [L.8-10 ].
This monstrous chthonic beast "will devour the whole earth, trample and crush it" (Dan.7: 23b, the present-day. Lane. "Devour all the peoples of the world" [L.11]).
Die also, and two witnesses, probably through 3.5 days after the onset of signs in the sky - the radiant of a meteor shower (of microparticles of dust) was then begin to fall more massive cosmic bodies (meteorites and fireballs).
After another three and a half days, the dead prophets miraculously resurrected (Otk.11: 11). After their ascension (verse 12), "the same hour" (now Lane. "And at that moment" [L.11]) will begin a "great earthquake" (Article 13, a). This will happen on the seventh day of Pesah (3.5 days plus 3.5 days), the feast day of Israel go, by land, through the Red Sea.
The reason for the great extraordinary megalozemletryaseniya will drop the stars, "and I saw a star fall from heaven to earth" ((9:1 b). Specifically, this will be equivalent diameter asteroid a few kilometers (!) - "As though a great mountain burning fire "(8:8 b).
Only the body of such enormous size could cause a global earthquake in the world [L.9], which foresees the prophet Isaiah:
"... Foundations of the earth shake (shake). Earth is utterly broken (split), the earth splits (yawns), the earth is moved. Unsteady ground, like a drunkard, and bobs, as the cradle ..." (Is.24 :17-22).
He was also sees John "was a great (powerful) earthquake, such as never was since then, as people on the ground (during the existence of humans on earth). Such an earthquake, so great (strong)" (Otk.16: 18 in brackets - per. [L.11, 12]).
On the day when the network will face the Earth: the towers fall, be thrown down the mountain, rock collapse, fall stones, but do not hide people from the face of God the angelic hosts, do not hide from the wrath of the Lamb (6:15-17).
Such a powerful earthquake destroyed all the cities of the World (16:19 b), including the deserted city of Jerusalem, which is split into 3 parts (Article 19, a) "shall become a heap of ruins" (Mih.3: 12).
Olives is a mountain split into northern and southern half (Zah.14: 4, 5), and the mountainous Judea "as is plain from Geba (on its northern border) to Rimmon (55 km south-west [L.5] , south of Jerusalem ... "(Article 10).
This happens, apparently, at noon. Thus, the prophecy about the fate of Jerusalem, Jeremiah uses the image of a dying mother, to which "the sun is gone down earlier in the day her", and the people suddenly attacked by fear and terror from the invasion of spoiler at noon (Ier.15: 8, 9, modern. Lane. " I'll send a destroyer at noon "[L.11], see also 25:30-38).
Indeed, the emergence of a destroyer in the sky, because of the line of the horizon (the beast from the sea in Otk.13: 1) can be seen only during the day, as the Mediterranean Sea lies to the west of Jerusalem, and the constellation Cepheus, in the same direction, is only during the day (during Pesah).

10. The end of natural disasters, the construction of the temple

A great earthquake will occur within 7 days after the collision of our planet with the hordes of Gog. It will be the culmination of the attack of the Earth (ten asteroids), duration, apparently 10 hours. For it is written about the ten horns of the beast, "they will have the power to rule on each one-hour" (Otk.17: 12 in, modern. Lane. [L.11]).
Then, for about a week, the Earth will fall all the smaller body: fireballs, meteorites, cosmic dust microparticles [nx 10]. From 2 weeks of the bombing of space, the active phase is 7 days [L.9, 10]. "And if those days were shortened, - up to seven days of the active phase - would be saved no flesh ..." (Matthew .24:21, 22).
When heated by the earth's atmosphere, filled with steam will begin to cool, and water vapor - condense everywhere will warm acid rain, the color of blood [L.13]. For the Lord's day "window (modern translation." Flood gate ") from on high, and the foundations of the earth shake" (Is.24: 18, c).
It will be like the days of Noah, mentioned by Jesus Christ (Lk.17: 26, 27 [L.17]) and the book says Byreyshit.
"On the same day the heavens opened, and fell to the ground heavy rainfall. Rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights" (Byt.7 :11-12, trans. [L.11]).
At the end of forty daily rains, when water levels fall, and the day mixed with the night, the surviving residents begin to return to the city, destroyed by the unprecedented earthquake (Otk.16: 18, 19).
Encounter rumors that have Christ came. Around the world, many-show false messiahs and false prophets, is awesome signs and wonders, trying to deceive even the elect (Mt.24 :23-26).
So arrogant that they will give advice but instead of God of prophecy. However, they did not wait when the lie becomes the truth, Adonai will deprive them of life, as a false prophet Hananiah (Hananya).
In those days, going into its habitat will be happy to talk to each other: "By the grace of God we have not gone away, for his compassions never fail" (Plach.3: 22). Full return of people from high places, end in the desert just over 1260 days from the start of flight (Otk.12: 6).
After 16 weeks, after the solar eclipse, the beginning of the month of Av, which were destroyed by the first and second Temples, driven by feelings of guilt and gratitude, returns to his earth remainder of the Israeli people (Sof.3 :8-20). But false prophets "in the land of Israel will not" (Iez.13: 9).
The purpose of the hasty return of the survivors: to build a temple on Mount Moriah, as well as raise from the ruins of decayed into three parts, the great city [L.7]. Because it is the "Jerusalem shall be deliverance" for all who called on the name of the Lord (Ioil.2: 32), where he will comfort his people (Is.66: 13).
In those days, mark the eschatological prophecy of Jeremiah about the restoration of Jerusalem was destroyed:
"Eychas with the city just a hill covered with ruins, but it will be rebuilt, and the royal palace (in Masore and Synod. Lane. -" Temple ") rises in the same place" (Ier.30: 18 in, modern. Lane . [L.11]).
The fact that Jerusalem will still lie in ruins, when the Lord shall come, saith the prophet Isaiah (Is.52: 8, 9). Moreover, he sees how many people go to the city in the world (60:3-9), to participate in the reconstruction efforts.
"Then the sons of strangers (other nations) will build up thy walls, and their kings - to serve you ..." (Article 10).

11. Armageddon

Start of construction of the third temple on the Temple Mount (modern Arabic. Name: terrace "Al-Haram Al-Sharif") at the site destroyed by an earthquake of Mashhad "the Dome of the Rock" ("Kubbat al-Sahra") will lead to military action against the surrounding countries Israel [L.18].
This war, more than a year (Is.29: 1) described in the Old Testament (Zah.12 :1-9, 14:1-3, 12-15, Ioil.3 :1-12, Iez.39: 1 5, Is.29 :1-9) in the New Testament is called "Armageddon."
"And he (modern translation." They ", ie, demonic spirits) gathered them (kings) in the place called in Hebrew Armageddon" (Otk.16: 16).
Apparently, in mountainous terrain near the ruins of the ancient city of Megiddo, will the biggest battle of warring armies, and Jerusalem will be captured (Zah.14: 2).
In those days, the Almighty God will destroy all the people who attacked (12:9). Obviously, hitting a ferocious epidemic of people, sending them into the bodies of a terrible disease that "every ischahnet (rot) his body, while they stand upon their feet, and his eyes Istana (rot) in Yamin (sockets), their, and it shall wither in the language (rot) in his mouth "(14:12).
As a result of the war, Israel will significantly expand its territory, almost to the dimensions specified in antiquity (Byt.15 :18-21). However, all of Transjordan, under the instructions of Yahweh Elohim, in the vicinity of the earth it will not (Iez.47 :13-20).
After the cessation of hostilities to continue construction of the Temple of Jerusalem, who will return in glory ("Shechinah") of God (Iez.43 :1-7), left the old house (10:18, 19, 11:23).
A detailed plan of the new sanctuary of the Lord revealed to the prophet Ezekiel (chapters 40-43), he proclaimed to the house of Israel on the future of the church, its structure (43:10) and the law (Article 12).
If the covenant people ashamed of their sins, then the holy place will be "... a place of my throne and place of the soles of my feet, where I will dwell among the children of Israel forever" (43:7).
Because the holy city shall be called "Jehovah Shammah" ("God out there", ie, Jerusalem), and the church - "House of Prayer for All Nations" in which, as the priests and the Levites will serve as the descendants of Zadok, and Christians (Is.66 :19-21, 1Pet.2: 9, 10, Rev.. 5:10). They will live only in Jerusalem, near the church, in their inheritance (Iez.45 :1-5).

12. Consecration of the Church

The construction of the third temple will begin an indefinite time in the day when you can not tell day from night and morning - of the evening. Due to the coarse aerosols in the atmosphere, weakening the light day (Otk.8: 12) and reinforce it at night [L.13].
As predicted by the prophet Zechariah: "... will not be in this day neither day nor night, and when darkness falls usually still be light" (Zah.14 7, modern. Lane. [L.11]).
In the absence of hours, in conditions of complete mixing of all parts of the day, "will stand up to people screaming Rooster" (Ekkl.12 4, modern. Lane. "Singing birds")
The construction of the sanctuary will end after 1150 days, ie through one thousand one hundred and fifty nights and as many mornings [L.7], during which the host of heaven and a place of holiness (Temple Mount) to be trodden under foot (Dan.8 :9-13).
Therefore, the vision extends to the Prophet "Two thousand and three hundred days" (in the original, without an "and"), after which "the sanctuary be cleansed" (Dan.8 14, modern. Lane. "Will be declared clean" [L.11 ] or, in Masore, "will be justice for the sanctuary.")
By cleansing the Temple, Daniel, seems to imply it was consecrated (ie, anointing, 9:24). As in the days of the tabernacle, "When Moses set a tabernacle, and anointed it and sanctified it ..." (Chisl.7: 1). Or in the days of the Jewish king Yehizkiyau, when the priests were purified 8 days and consecrate the temple grounds and 8 days - the house of the Lord (2Par.29 :16-18).
Upon completion of construction, sanctified the first (Solomon's) temple (3 Tsar.8: 63) on the Feast of Tabernacles (2Par.5: 3). This important holiday was reinstated forgot the priest and scribe Ezra, the return of the Jews from Babylonian captivity with Zerubbabel (Neem.8 :13-18), prior to construction (second) Temple of the Lord (Ezdr.3 :4-6). The Second Temple of Jerusalem, as the first, and sanctified:
"And the children of Israel, the priests and the Levites, and others who had returned from captivity, the consecration of this house of God with joy" (6:16).
Some believers (eg, [L.19, str.1072]) believe that the return of Jesus Christ to be expected in the Rosh Hashanah-ha ("The Beginning of the Year" by the civil calendar, after the Babylonian captivity). When God is said to have signed the sentence of a man on a whole new year.
However, this opinion is illogical. In Celebration shofar (trumpet), blowing the ram's horn, to call to repentance Yisrael, we can only begin the consecration of the temple. Then, more people need to clean up.

13. Purification of Israel

Before the advent of Adonijah, priests should not only sanctified House of God, but to prepare (clean) his rebellious people (Ioil.2 :12-15). Now everyone will confess sins to the Lord and ask forgiveness for the crimes of their ancestors (Neem.9: 1, 2).
Ten days' remorse and awe "of Rosh Hashanah-Ga until Yom Kippur (" Day coverage "or purification) in fasting and praying, weeping and mourning, in sackcloth, with ashes on their heads, prepare the soul for forgiveness [L.20, 21 ].
The prophet Zechariah foresaw as "On that day a great mourning in Jerusalem"; will cry all the family including the king and the priestly clans (Zah.12 :10-14). Will cry even priests in the temple between the porch so the altar (Ioil.2: 17).
Day coverage (Judgement Day) all the people come for the consecration of the temple grounds for the General Meeting of repentance (2:16). The participants will address Yehoshua ha Mashiach with all his heart and his whole soul and with all his might, exclaiming: "Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord," because it's time (Lk.13: 35), for purified blood of Jesus Christ the High Priest (Heb. .7:22-27), forever (10:14).
Only then will the Blessed Yisrael mercy to forgive iniquity, transgression and guilt of it (Ier.31 34, Ioil.2: 18), will anoint (bless) the Holy of Holies, as it is written:
"... To stop the crime, to impose a stamp on the sins cleansed from guilt, to the eternal virtue, to fulfill the vision of prophets and to anoint the most holy place" (Dan.9 24, modern. Lane. [L.11]).
Zechariah speaks of the same eschatological historical event.
"The day will open the (new) source (water), the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem for the washing away of sin and for uncleanness" (Zah.13: 1, present-day. Lane. [L.11] 'to wash away sins and purify people ").
In other words, the literal source of water flowing out of the temple (14:8, Ioil.3: 18), which the prophet Isaiah (Is.12: 3) calls the stream of salvation (in the Synod. Per. "Wells of salvation") will for spiritual cleansing and blessing of the Israeli people. Lord cleanse Israel of the innocent blood of Him (Mt.27: 25), subdue sin, "one day" (Zah.3: 9).
In a contrite spirit, a humble soul and pure body, trusting in God, Jesus Christ, must abide God the Holy Spirit sent by God the Father (In.14 :15-17). Therefore, after the baptism in the source water of life, everyone will receive the gift of the Ruach ha Kodesh (Acts 2: 38).
Now finally realized Yoeyla prophecy.
"And it will be after I pour out my Spirit on all flesh ..." (Ioil.2 28, modern. Lane. "Pour out His Spirit on I men" [L.11], "under the" all flesh "was defined as all the Jews" [L.5]).
After receiving such a gift, will prophesy about Jesus Christ's sons and daughters of those who pierced him, as prophesied by Zeharya.
"And the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem will pour out the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they looked upon him (or rather," to me "), which (they) have pierced, and they shall mourn for Him as one mourneth for (his death) his only son, and mourn, as mourn the (death) firstborn " (Zah.12: 10).
The promise of Yahweh Elohim. "I have breathed my spirit into the family of Israel and will never turn away from my people ..." (Iez.39 29, modern. Lane. [L.11]).
After the outpouring of the Spirit upon the people (Is.32: 15), which will be preceded by days of mourning (v. 10-12) and neglect (art. 13, 14), there will come a messianic kingdom (v. 15-20, and chapter 35) asserts the prophet Yeshaya.

14. Feast of Tabernacles

The History of Israel, the building of the Temple in Jerusalem and the update of the covenant with God means the national revival. So it will be the construction of the third temple, the consecration of which (like the first one) will end within seven Pazdnik Tabernacles (Heb. "Sukkot" means "booths"). After all, this "celebration marked the celebration always associated with the conclusion of the covenant or treaty" [L.16, p. 524].
According to the prophecy of Zechariah (Zah.14 :16-18), all nations shall come to Jerusalem to worship the Lord, namely, the Feast of Tabernacles. Therefore, living in tents, the coming of the fine guest - Jesus Christ must be expected in one of the days of the pilgrimage festival. Apparently, the last (seventh), the most solemn day of Rab Ghosh (Heb. "Great Hosanna" or "great save us, we pray").
Then the priests finish the public proclamation of the gospel, read aloud for six days. They talk about the commandments Ha Mashiach Iehoshua (Jesus Christ), explain the importance of reading (Neem.8 8) and sprinkle it with clean water weeping, flowing from the temple. The day urazumevshy heard, share a meal with the poor (8:10-12).
After that, the priests 7 times bypass the Temple of Jerusalem, saying: "Gosh!" (Spasi!), "we pray thee, Lord save us." And on every call people say, 'Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord. "
On that day, obviously, the evening will be the desire of all nations. Just in the evening on the seventh day of the temple has four very high lamp (is singing and dancing people), a bright light which is visible from various locations in the city; celebration ended with a triple blowing into the tube [L.26, p.59].
For the remainder of crushed Israel comes "the end of these wonders" (Dan.12: 6b, modern. Lane. "Extraordinary events"). From these wonders: the eclipse of the moon, Easter, the appearance of a radiant of a meteor shower, the onset day of the Lord unto the coming of Christ will be 3.5 years.
On the duration of the events of Daniel heard the following prophecy.
"... This is accomplished in three and a half years (at the Synod. Lane." Time, times and half a time "). The forces of the holy people will be broken (deposed, crushed), and then everything is finally accomplished" (Dan.12: 7, Lane. [L.11]).
Thus, Sukkot gosh end up in Slave:
· Last Weeks of Daniel (Dan.9 27), including the second half of the next seven years - the great tribulation (Lk.21 :26-28);
· Power of the beast, which lasted for a time, times and half a time (Dan.7, 25), that is, "forty-two months" (Otk.13: 5, 12:14);
· The time of destruction of the Holy People (Dan.12 7);
· Power of the Gentiles, trampling upon the streets of Jerusalem for 42 months (Otk.11 2), because those who remain will be called the Lord's name (Sof.3: 9, Is.60: 14);    
Also would end the abomination of desolation that reigned in the holy city in the holy place 1290 days, as was predicted Daniel.
"Since the end of the daily sacrifice, and to ordain desolation (in Masore -" abomination silent ") will be one thousand two hundred and ninety days" (Dan.12 11, 9:27).

15. The coming of Jesus Christ

When cleansed from sin, Israel, and holy house of God, then "suddenly come to His temple the Lord" (Mal.3: 1, b). Messenger of the covenant comes to grieving for His people, those who seek Him, and saying,
"Come and let us return to the Lord! It hurt us (Sinod. Lane." Vulnerable ") - He heals. It hurt us (hit) - and he will bind the wound. After two days He will bring us back to life (quicken). On the third day He will raise the (re) us, and we will live near (before) him "(Os.6: 1, 2, modern. Lane. [L.11]).
Jesus Christ appears in a cloud from the east, from the Mount of Olives (Olives) mountains, the earthquake divided into two halves (Zah.14: 4).
So over the mountain to the east of the city stopped glory (Shechinah) Yahweh Elohim, leaving the first temple (Iez.11 23), where she remained from the time of King Solomon (2Par.5: 13, 14).
From the mountain of Olives Christ ascended (Deyan.1 :9-12), who is to come back. "This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, shall come (back) in the same manner as you saw Him go into heaven" (v. 11) .
His coming had promised the Lord Himself.
"Then they see the Son of Man coming on (in) the clouds with great power and glory" (Mk.13: 26).
A similar revelation was John. "Know this: He will come in the clouds, and all will see Him" (Otk.1 7, and, per. [L.11]). In the New Testament for the return of Jesus Christ (Isa Masih - Ibn Allah) said 318 times (!) In 260 chapters [L.23, str.661]).
Will be a savior to his house through the east gate (so-called "Golden" or "Mercy") in the enclosing wall. They are almost 500 years, are immured [L.24], but will be restored after the earthquake, and open. It is through these ancient gates of the city will enter into the King of glory, according to the Scriptures.
"Rise, gate tops yours, and go up ye everlasting doors (doors ancients opened), and enters the King of glory! Who the King of glory? This is our God, the eternal and invincible in battle" (Ps.23: 7, 8, italics - translation [L.11]).
Shechinah Lord Jesus Christ will go into the Temple of Jerusalem after 2000 years, as he left it. This will occur pursuant to the eschatological vision of Ezekiel.
"And, behold, the glory of the God of Israel came from the east, and the voice (the voice) He - like the sound of many waters (sea), and the earth was lightened with his glory ...
And the glory of the Lord came into the house (through) the gates, facing (facing) towards the east ...
and behold, the glory of the Lord filled (filled), the whole church "(Iez.43 :2-5), after which, the outer gate will be closed forever (44:2).
So the prophet Yeshaya, the eye of contemplation in the distant future ruins of Jerusalem [L.5, page 16], joyfully exclaims:
"Light My Jerusalem, lift up (rise up)! Your light (ie God) has come! And the glory of the Lord will shine upon you ... They will come to thy light, kings to come to the brilliance of the rising" (Is.60 :1-3 , modern. Lane. [L.11]).
Henceforth, the capital of the world (Ier.3 17, Is.2: 2, 3) will shine the glory of God, indicating His visible presence among the people. From such a bright light even ashamed of the moon and sun (24:23), they no longer need them (!) For lighting the city (60:19).
King of Glory will make Jerusalem a praise in the earth (62:7). Then the Jews will cry out: "Baruch ata Adonai Eloheynu, Melech ha-olam" and all the people who came to meet Him with joy saying: "Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe!".

16. The conclusion of the covenant

The wrath of God to his people stretched nearly 2000 (!) Years for deliberate violations of the law, forgetfulness, and crucifixion of the Messiah (Acts 2: 36), out of ignorance. What the prophet Hosea through Yahweh Elohim warned in advance.
"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (due to ignorance) because thou hast rejected knowledge (knowledge that), I will also reject thee no priest (priesthood) before me: and as thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, that I forget the children thy "(Os.4: 6).
Punishment of children incorrect people will reach its climax on the day of the Lord. There will come a time trial, purification, covenant, for it is written.
"As I pleaded with your fathers in the wilderness of the land of Egypt, so will I plead with you, saith the Lord GOD.
And take you under the rod (now Lane. "I declare you guilty, and punish" [L.11]) and bring you into the bond of the covenant "(Iez.20: 36, 37, see [L.22]).
About this covenant we read in Jeremiah.
"The Lord said:" There comes a time when I will make a new covenant with the family (house) of Israel and with the family (house) of Judah.
It will not be like the covenant I made ​​with their ancestors (fathers) ... they have violated this (the) covenant, though I was their Emperor (remained in alliance with them) "(Ier.31: 31, 32, Princeton Univ. [A .11]).
Perfidiously violated, despite the fact that the law was very clearly written on the stones neotesanyh (Vtor.27 8, Iis.N.8: 32). Therefore, "after those days," ie, after the tribulation period, aimed at healing rebellion rebellious children, God will write his teachings in their hearts (Ier.3 22, 31:33).  
Fulfilled the promise to Israel. "And this is my covenant to them from me (now Lane." I enter into the alliance with them "), I will take away their sins" (Rim.11: 27). Then come the foreigners and will feed the herd Jews to cultivate the land and the vineyards of them. But the Jews will use the property (wealth) of all nations and to be called "priests of the Lord" - the promised blessings, - "and make an everlasting covenant with them" (Is.61 :5-8, 55:3).
The conclusion of the covenant occurs, apparently, in particular independent holiday Shemini Atzeret (the eighth day of the Sukkot). Because Yahweh has commanded, that, at this time convene a special meeting of the sacred (Lev.23: 36, Neem.8: 18) on the day of rest (Lev.23: 39).
At this meeting, before large crowds, all three swear, "the Lord our God will we serve, and his voice will we obey" (I.Nav.24: 24). After each oath, the priests gathered talus salt. From year to year, Simchat - Torah (in Israel, coincides with Shemini Atzeret), will begin and end with the annual cycle of reading the Bible.
So the people of Israel, represented by the signatory chiefs of the Levites and priests (Neem.9 38), come to Adonai in the New Testament. Union, which have long been all sprinkled with the blood of Jesus Christ, the heart, soul and mind have accepted His sacrifice for sin.
       Approval of a new alliance with Israel and many nations (Dan.9 27) marked the beginning of the millennial kingdom of Christ on earth (Otk.11: 15, 20:6).
From now on, as the prophet Zechariah foresaw, "... they shall call on my name and I will listen to them and say this is my people, and they will say:" God - my God! "(Zah.13: 9; Os.2: 21 - 23).

17. The Millennial Kingdom

The vision of God's kingdom on earth was still open the Old Testament prophets Daniel and Zechariah.
"I saw in the night visions, and behold, with clouds of heaven was like the Son of man ... And there was given him dominion and glory and kingdom, that all peoples, nations and languages ​​(the speakers of all dialects), should serve him" (Dan.7: 13, 14, Zah.14: 9).
"He shall speak peace unto the nations, and his dominion shall be from sea to sea and from the river (Euphrates) to the ends of the earth" (Zah.9: 10, b; Lk.1: 32, 33).
In this realm, which will occur after the end of the last 70-Weeks of Daniel (Dan.9: 24, 27, Otk.11: 15), the Lord promises the Israelites a glorious future (modern translation. [L.11]).
"In the upcoming James has taken root, Israel will sprout, plant, and like the world is filled with children of their" (Is.27: 6; 32:1-5, 15-20, 35:1-10).
Finally, Yisrael will cease to fight with God, the holy city (Al Quds) is the site of the world (Yerushalayim), and the King's name would be called "God - righteousness (in Masore," justice "), our" (Ier.23 6, trans. [ L.11]).
Providence of God's kingdom on earth contained not only in the writings of Daniel, Zechariah, Isaiah, but almost all of the Old Testament prophets. For example, the coming of the Kingdom in the last days (day of the Lord) predicts Micah (Mih.4 :1-7).
Then the Temple of Jerusalem will play a prominent role for Israel and for the world. As in the tabernacle of the Jews met with God, so it will be during the third temple. This possibility will be for any man, obedient to Christ.
However, only the high priest, which the LORD will speak with him in the Holy of Holies, as in the days of Moses (Chisl.7 89), passing in his will. Who break the sacred covenant of salt, do not listen to God Almighty, he will die (Vtor.17 :9-12).
Many peoples will fulfill His commandments, mimicking Israel.
"Lord you said today (today) that he will be your God, and that you will walk in his ways (promise to live as he pleases), and keep His statutes (to follow His teachings), and his commandments and his laws, and obey his voice (according to all that He commands you) "(26:17).
Then all the blessings come true blessing (28:1-14). For the Creator of all things, His word, will rule many nations (Mih.4: 2, 3, 7), which finally will live according to his commandments (Sof.3 9), to do his will on earth, as in heaven (Mt.6: 10).
Because after the last trumpet sound the seventh, John hears "... loud voice, saying:" The kingdom is now a worldly kingdom of our Lord and His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever '"(Otk.11 15, Princeton Univ. [L. 11]).
In further revelations received by John, states that these ages will be ten (20:1-7). At the end of a thousand years, seduced the people rise against kingdom, and their armies will surround Jerusalem, but will be destroyed by fire from heaven, from God (Article 7-9).

18. The beginning of the rainy

Another number that can be attributed to the last seven years, found in the Book of Daniel. "Blessed is the (very happy), who expects to reach (impatiently) thousand three hundred thirty-five days" (Dan.12: 12).
In verse 12:11 that the reference point of this time period will serve as the abomination of desolation, which will end after 1290 days (with the coming of Christ). Then, what a great event happening in another 45 days? of whom will be happy to anyone who will wait for it!
The fact is that as a result of natural disasters during the Tribulation, will be lost the entire crop in the fields, and after forty-daily rains come widespread drought duration of 3.5 years [L.25]).
The coming of Christ and the new agreement, the covenant of peace, put an end to the terrible drought, so for the promised blessings.
"And I the Lord will be their God ... And I will make with them a covenant of peace ... and the rain will nisposylat (send) at the time, it will be showers of blessing" (Iez.34 :24-26).
Therefore, the prophet Joel, referring to the surviving remnant of Israel, calls for:
"... And rejoice, for He will give you rain moderately, and will nisposylat (send) you the rain, the former rain (going from mid-October to early November) and late (going from late March to early April), as before" (Joel .2:23).
This early (autumn), the blessed rain to begin within 45 days after the end of Sukkot, the last day of which were offered up fervent prayers for rain [L.20]. Then the high priest poured on the altar of the temple the contents of two bowls of gold: the wine and water from Siloam source [L.26, p.58].
Truly, happy to be who will wait for that time (Ioil.2 :24-26). Because "... the land shall yield a good harvest, and the heavens will give dew and rain. All this I give a legacy of the survivors" (Zah.8 12, Princeton Univ. [L.11]).

19. The starting point

Can all of these events placed on the real axis of the last seven years? Yes, if you define a reference point (the middle of Weeks), that date of commencement of the day of the Lord, when will a sign from God - the astronomical sign of the Son of Man (Mt.24: 30).
This sign will serve as a radiant [L.14], which is called the intersection of the orbit of Earth asteroid and meteor shower [L.9, 13]. After the beginning of the end point of reference (year, month, day and hour) already existed, at least at the time of John (Otk.9: 15).
In the Bible we have the following specific guidance on starting the beginning of the day of the Lord.
"The sun turned to darkness and the moon - in the blood, before the day of the Lord, the great and terrible" (Ioil.2: 31).
In other words, before the onset of the Tribulation, there will be a solar eclipse, and then, after 14 days, the moon. Both eclipses will be observed from the territory of Israel (or rather, Jerusalem), as Joel's prophecy refers to Tsiyonu (2-1, 15-18).
At the same time, a lunar eclipse to coincide with Pesah, ie begin in the evening the full moon of Nisan 14 [L.7].
Only in this case, the Creator of the universe need a light (radiant) for lighting the city of Jerusalem, "the day of sacrifice (in Masore" massacre ") of the Lord" (Sof.1 :8-12), ie on the day of the Lord (1:14) A day of darkness and gloom (Article 15).
Relative to Eretz Yisrael, these conditions are: solar eclipse at noon (with a maximum phase) and the subsequent eclipse of the moon, coinciding with the Pesah (in the twentieth century I and twentieth centuries, II), will be observed only in 2034.

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